ignore your customer at least that\'s what some smart companies like compaq, motorola, and steelcase are doing. here\'s when you should do it and why.

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-04
Fortune magazine)
-It starts with management practice and grows into a spell, and now it\'s a whole
Out mania: Listen to the customer.
Nowadays, customers are described as \"King\", \"first\", \"no \".
1. \"always right \"--
Basically the judges, the jury, and the executive.
The word \"C\" is so respected that most companies are paralyzed and afraid to move without consulting them.
But maybe this obsession has gone too far.
More and more companies and consultants believe that it is time to start ignoring customers.
These experts believe that this is the only way to create breakthrough products and services that can make you far ahead of the competition.
Well, think about companies like Chrysler, Compaq, and Motorola, ignoring their customers from time to time and achieving amazing success.
Chrysler, for example, has continued to push forward the original minivan despite research showing that people have backed down in this strange situation. Look at the vehicle.
Compaq placed millions of bets on PC web servers in the 1990 s, although customers said they would never give up the mainframe.
Compaq sold $1 last year.
These PC servers are worth £ 8 billion, many of them from previous mainframe users.
Of course, it is still important to understand the customer\'s ideas, especially when it comes to fines --
Adjust the product or service.
GM is now sorry for its slow development.
Although consumers said in the test that among other things, the rear wheels looked too small, they sold 1992 Caprice in the market.
Show the lack of reward for willful arrogance.
With the crash of the Pentium chip, this is Intel.
Still, more and more companies are beginning to realize that sometimes your customers will really lead you astray.
The danger is to be a feedback fanatic, blindly committed to customers, constantly trying to get better connections through more focus groups, more surveys.
This will not only distract your opponent\'s head from the real work, but may also allow you to create new products that are safe and tedious.
Media tycoon Barry Diller said that although the survey showed no need to build another network, he continued to push forward Fox radio: \"We have become slaves to the demographic, market research and focus groups.
What we produce tells us what we produce.
Gradually, in this dazzling chase, our senses have lost their senses, our instincts have blurred, and are corroded by safe actions.
\"Tom Kuczmarski, Chicago management consultant, agrees with Diller that safe action is not necessarily the best way to make money.
In a recent study, Kuczmarski found that 90% of so-
What is called a new product is just line expansion, such as Frito-
Lay\'s Doritos flamin\' hot tortillas fries-size bags.
Despite the fact that truly original products-
The remaining 10%--
Have real profit potential (see chart).
Kuczmarski said: \"The usual focus is to come up with something that consumers can accept at first sight.
\"It\'s not the only trouble to produce dullaz products.
Keeping customers accountable and then trying to sort out their confusing, often contradictory feedback can also leadand-out duds (see box).
There are many problems in consumer research.
The researchers are biased;
Statistics can be distorted into shapes that make pretzels look like straight lines.
As for the consumers who are tested, they can--God forbid--be wrong.
This is what happened in the middle.
The new Coke 1980 s, which beat the original formula in every consumer taste test, was bombed when it went public.
In other cases, consumers already know to get clues from the people who tested them.
Or they\'re confused, they\'re in a hurry, they don\'t want to be rude, or--a big one here--
They don\'t make decisions with real money.
The last problem is the problem encountered in sports.
In early 1990, commodity makers Rawlins, Spalding and Mizuno tried to sell water pump baseball gloves.
Like the pump sports shoes, this glove contains an inflatable airbag designed to provide a better comfortable fit.
They tested well, but the consumer was hesitant when they showed up in the store.
Something called useful innovation in the focus group turned into an expensive gimmick.
Robert McMath, marketing consultant in Ithaca, New York, said: \"This is an imperfect story of market research.
People say, \'Oh, I like it. I\'ll buy it.
Then they won\'t stick to it.
\"If it is often necessary to ignore customer assertions about what they want, it may be more important to ignore feedback about what they don\'t want.
Customers may lack imagination.
List of items to meet with the original customer--
Fax machines, video recorders, FedEx and CNN, to name a few-
Reading is more of a Hall of Fame for business innovation.
Mille Ovan, marketing director at Motorola, said his company\'s latest products, from mobile phones to personal digital assistants, would never see the light if Motorola listened to initial customer feedback.
\"By the way, our biggest competitors are not IBM and Sony,\" said Ovan.
This is the way people do things at present.
\"In recent years, perhaps no company has to deal decisively with deep-rooted tastes and habits like Chrysler.
The original minivan was born in 1984, when Chrysler was struggling and desperately needed a best-selling product, despite the contradictory psychology of consumers.
This minivan is the success story of the post-80 s car.
However, by the beginning of 1990, competing models like Toyota Previa and Chevrolet Lumina were sought after at Chrysler\'s tail.
When Chrysler began working on the 1996 model, its designers knew it needed to make major changes, such as making the minivan look more rounded and aerodynamic.
But when Chrysler first tested the design of its 1996 model, it was ironic that consumers suspected it was now sacred and could not be repaired at all.
They liked it.
Currently model 1991. Two-
More than 30 focus group participants rated it nine or ten in Chrysler\'s book, a \"home run \".
But in the same focus group, only about a third person thinks that 1996 of the design is a homer.
Comments from participants included: \"Too much like a racing car for a minivan\" and \"Moon--too extreme.
Chrysler continues to move forward, thinking that the appearance of 1991 cars will be the death on the floor of the exhibition hall in 1996.
Chrysler is facing a classic design phenomenon.
From home appliances to computers to running shoes, savvy manufacturers know that it is sometimes necessary to introduce a design that is a bit shocking.
Steven Skov Holt, strategic director of industrial design firm frogdesign, said: \"What looks strange today will become the accepted norm tomorrow.
\"It can be a rather difficult task to crack down on customers, though.
In order to succeed, companies sometimes have to find ways to overcome prejudice, even outright contempt.
Compaq discovered this in 1989 when it launched its first Systempro.
A pc server specially designed to connect a desktop computer to a network. In those not-so-
In the distant days, personal computers were not taken seriously in the workplace.
But Compaq saw the future of connecting PCs to work, which was the exclusive preserve for large computers at the time.
In the eyes of many mainframe enthusiasts, this is a kind of blasphemy.
They tend to think of Systempro as a PC that is overpriced for steroids.
Gary Stimac, senior vice president of Compaq, said: \"We have encountered basic resistance from the industry.
Serious calculations were carried out on the mainframe.
\"It\'s not surprising that in some companies, especially banks and insurance companies, mainframers has won the first round of concerns about the security and reliability of PC servers.
By the end of 1990, Systempro\'s first full year in the market, which generated only $0. 2 billion in revenue, was disappointing for Wall Street.
But Stimac and team did not relax.
They hold workshops across the country to promote the benefits of system pro.
They provide benchmarking studies that show that the product can be relatively resistant to the mainframe.
\"We have been pushing hard,\" Stimac said.
We know that these systems will be used, even though our customers never thought they would be used.
\"Certainly Compaq may be wrong.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop a realistic time frame for perseverance.
Stimac said: \"It usually takes 12 to 18 months to get a good understanding of whether what you hear is an insurmountable doubt or a complete lack of market acceptance.
Compaq\'s dedication to Systempro was finally rewarded.
$1 for PC servers.
Compaq\'s revenue last year was 8 billion, or 17% of the company\'s total revenue.
Talk about the last laugh
Sometimes the company is not the most clear customer.
It\'s never easy to ignore customers.
Crowds of bureaucrats, statisticians, and other conformity activists tend to kill the most creative ideas with a lot of consumer research.
However, a person who believes in this can retreat from the sea of skeptics.
Take George Fortner, president of Amana, for example, who believed in the value of the microwave as early as the 1960 s, even if most consumers thought it was strange and even dangerous.
Or take Clarence \"Bob\" boldseye, the father of frozen food.
When he began to market his ideas in 1922, he met a sharp cut from food retailers who did not want to install expensive frozen equipment and consumers who did not trust the quality of his products.
He once had one.
He has 6 million of unsold frozen fish on his hand.
But he ignored those who criticized him. Frozen food was already a staple in his 1940 s.
Vic Poirier is another such burning visionary who has the courage to follow his intuition.
As early as 1966, Poirier began working at hot electronics in Waltham, Massachusetts.
Technology companies, on a device designed to support a patient\'s sick heart until a transplant can be made.
From the beginning, the medical profession was skeptical.
Potential client surgeons and cardiologists at Poirier believe that helping the heart can cause the heart to shrink and cause the patient to die.
They worry about a heart.
The auxiliary pump will increase the chance of stroke.
After all, the biggest danger in any implanted device is the blood clot, which can be formed in any position or corner of a device ---
Even a tiny scratch inside the pump is enough.
Therefore, the doctor believes that the device must have
Smooth internal surface.
Poirier took a completely intuitive approach by selecting the surface of the rough texture.
\"Most people will look at me and laugh,\" he said.
You don\'t put this blood on the surface.
\"His method worked: the blood was evenly condensed in a device with a rough texture of Poirier, called a heart mate, forming a collagen lining in a person\'s natural heart.
This year, Poirier, now president of publicly systems, a publicly traded derivative created by Thermo Electron, is expected to sell about 400 of his equipment.
Sally Yanchus, medical equipment analyst at Lehman Brothers, expects more than 6,000 hot heart System devices to be implanted in 2000, generating up to $0. 4 billion.
So what does it take to be a burning dreamer?
Michael geshmann, author of the book \"correcting mistakes for the second time\", summed up in one word the quality of pushing Vic poleyer or Clarence boldseye: faith.
Not the marketing mind, not the ability to focus on listening to customers, but the confidence in their ideas, the confidence in their products.
\"Adversity will only make them stronger and stronger,\" says Gershman.
\"But even the most forward-looking people sometimes need more than just fire in their stomachs.
Detailed business plans can improve the chances of success for any ideaahead.
An active internal campaign can help raise the necessary sponsors.
If all the other methods fail, a share of the risk is raised.
This gesture is likely to be considered a convincing proof of one\'s dedication.
Steve Bookbinder, principal and manager of Towers Perrin\'s research organization, said: \"There is a new employee --
Employer contract today
Tell your boss: \"I want to be a year. Give me a shot.
In return, you can give up the bonus or reduce your salary.
\"Steelcase, Urban Outfitters and other companies are starting to take a more indifferent approach to customer research.
They don\'t like to talk to customers, but they like to retreat, a little distance from them. Why?
Some marketers believe that the best information is usually collected through independent observation, provided by observing customers rather than traditional market research tools.
From an anthropology perspective: ignore what your customers say;
Pay attention to what they do.
For a great warning story about how you can\'t trust everything your customers say, check out the last few fast-
The restaurant is divided into food and beverage.
McDonald\'s McLin, KFC fried chicken without skin, Pizza Hut low
Cal pizza has a suspicious difference between customer response and failure.
Although these companies spend millions of dollars and are proficient in marketing, they don\'t realize that people tend to exaggerate their virtues in terms of diet.
A 1993 study by the National Restaurant Association found that there is a huge difference between what people intend to eat (
Fresh fruit, gluten muffins)
What are they really eating?
Entire Lotta Burger).
But how do you know what he will do if you don\'t ask the customer?
Larry Keeley, president of Chicago consulting firm Doblin Group, said: \"The best way to understand customers is to study them under normal natural conditions.
Steele case at the Grand Rapids office-
Furniture manufacturers have recently used this approach when designing new products for the work team.
At a critical early stage of design, the company does not want to confuse its thinking with generally vague consumer feedback.
Steelcase believes that more utility lies in a direct understanding of how the team actually works.
It set up cameras in different companies and analyzed the tapes in detail, looking for customers to not even notice their behavior and movement patterns.
The main observation is that people in the team have the best functions if they can work together and do some work privately.
The fruits of these labor forces, known as the modular office unit of \"personal Harbor\", were a hit in 1993.
They are very much like phone booths in shape and size and can be arranged around a public space where a team works, promoting synergies, but also allowing a person to work alone if necessary.
Jim Hackett, CEO of Steelcase, said: \"Market data does not necessarily point us in the direction.
It is more important to know how people actually work.
\"Fans of another anthropology method are urban outdoor sports, which is a fast
The 20 Philadelphia-based clothing stores are growing to cater to the young fashion crowd.
City fitters compete with retailers such as Gap and Eddie ball, though on a fairly small scale, with sales of $0. 11 billion for the fiscal year ended January.
Key to the success of urban outdoor sports: it does not carry out focus groups at 25-year history.
The company gave a high evaluation of the observation work.
The managers and merchandisers of city garment manufacturers rely on \"customer profiles\" produced by video and photo-taking of stores and their hometowns, such as customers in East New York village \".
These profiles give city garment manufacturers a sense of what people really wear and allow companies to make quick decisions on goods.
Richard Hahn, founder, president and anthropology major of urban decoration company, said (
Lehigh University, Class 69)
What we are concerned about is not what people say, but what they do.
\"At the end of the day, everything a company does ---
Even ignored its customers. -
Finally, it must be recognized by customers.
Otherwise, what\'s the point?
Ignore customers and create failed products-
This is a bit against purpose.
Misleading products are still misleading products, whether or not it is justified by \"leadership\", \"Intuition\", \"Anthropology.
However, if a company really understands the needs of its customers, it can ignore the needs of its customers with a clear conscience.
This will save you a lot of time, not to mention the deterioration and some potentially embarrassing moves.
Ignore your customers
They will thank you in the end.
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