How to remove the peculiar smell of the desk

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-28
Desk has breath is not new, especially was able to buy back the paint that kind of desk, but also have a lot of peculiar smell, who were mostly exterior paint release, this kind of taste not bad, but also with a lot of harmful materials, if improper disposal of punishment, direct use of paint, then affect the fit very easily, bring breathing kind disease, so we need to do some reasonable disposal of punishing pace, will remove this kind of peculiar smell and harmful material. Ablation enzyme desk 1, formaldehyde smell important xian is derived from paint allaying supplies, office furniture in the home is full of the most problem, can use formaldehyde ablation enzyme formaldehyde removal, the formaldehyde can purchase spray type analysis of enzyme, on a desk with coating, if not how significant a results, then can try repeatedly used, until the odor complete removal. 2, warm water mixed with vinegar scrub the main point is unusually fast agile, burn a bucket of warm water, put proper vinegar, put vinegar amount for inclusion can smell is heavy vinegar for the Beijing office furniture, and then to the desk at all don't need to use any other detergent to wash center, etc. After the scrub to arrange for a period of time, such as vinegar attack infiltration of paint appearance, analyze the harmful materials, and then washed with water purification. Such main point is now the most rapidly to smell to pests. Process through company itself in addition to formaldehyde in addition to the main point of formaldehyde although many, but there are not enough professional, and sometimes in addition to the desk, it is necessary for all indoor formaldehyde elimination, so the best method of Fang Wuhan office furniture is the space of expensive professional purification company, through the process of their instruments and professional wrist look at space and office furniture furniture used in the purification perfect when things are called office wirecutter office chair, sit chair staff chair. When one is doing things figure forward, flange bearing in the waist, and after the human body by relaxing rest wood, back of a chair and insist on the spine of natural & other; s” Shape of the curve. Chair does not necessarily need backrest: factory workshop and hospital staff chair as usual, there is no back of a chair. To hangzhou office furniture and office staff chair usual to back of a chair, depending on the nature of things. Employees on vision focus on stability is an important factor, the staff chair for important matter, Suggestions to consider the comfort of the chair, the waist shall have the right support, weight evenly distributed in the cushion ( Or seat surface) , at the same time to properly consider the human activity, flexibility and easy manipulation. Imagine staff chair should pay attention to the following: 1. The height of the adjustable, high staff chair modulation limited is 38 ~ 53 cm. 2. A wide to meet the width of the hips, make the person sitting position can ease into mediation. Common in female hip shoulder the 95th percentile for ideas according to size. The smallest chair width is 400 mm plus 50 mm clothes and the interval of pockets to hold things. About the armrest chair, the minimum interval between the two rail is 460 mm. 3. Sitting position should be able to guarantee the buttocks to obtain comprehensive support, but because of the things people between lumbar spine and pelvis into vertical position, the seat shall be shallow some, not easy too long, usually take 350 - 400mm. Shenzhen office wirecutter office chair
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