How to put desk is better? { }

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-03
Each office will have the existence of the desk, said although the desk very much frequency, furniture small make up and everyone know how to put desk, if put desk is not good for feng shui is also influential, with small make up take a look at desk should be how to put is better? 1, should have backer ahead to open on the back of the seat behind the desk when feng shui layout requires metope let a person feel support, rely on feeling, also can act on the job smooth, the back seat empty, let a person distracted, people do not show, based on the feeling is not strong. Feng shui for the front desk is open is to point to in the future of the company is open, such as facing the wall like is blocked. 2. Don't have a desk feng shui layout: the sitting position head beam was some seat head beam or low ceiling, these things is in geomantic go up to call & quot; Beam coping & quot; 。 If a man sitting under the beam, the longer it will create pressure on the job, in poor health, luck and discouraged. Is a poorer damage of a shelter. Feng shui in the disease, the function with ShaQi gourd, dissolve the capping beam. 3. Seat cannot is opposite gate door is opposite the seat air is very bad, the influence of the import and export of flocculant chaos will lead to people's thinking, emotional instability is easy to make the wrong decision. If can't move can be put in the previous screen or data and to the role of partition, if can move please will seat next to the move. 4, not sit back door angry and ShaQi from gate in and out, back to the door and not rely on the impact of bad air, basic desk in feng shui layout emphasizes the seat with his back against a wall, let people have to rely on the subconscious feeling. If so will let staff for a long time in a state of tension, lead to recruit figures at the same time. 5. Interpersonal relationship on the right side of the desk, put a bowl leaf round small potted or round leaf green, round leaf plants help to closer and colleagues, get along well; Should not be in the celestial being, cactus thorns plant on my desk, in order to avoid trouble, in the circle of gossip in colleagues, even if you stay, others will also pull is to your head. Focus on 15 years of high-end office furniture customization overall planning, five-star selection standard, use five years to keep the primary level, sealing side process, mercedes-benz grade quality of craftsmanship. And have professional designers and project managers come to measure design, providing differentiated solutions, for you to choose from, at the same time provide free door-to-door installation services, 5 years quality assurance, clinch a deal at a time, lifelong maintenance. Service hotline: 400 028 - 1816
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