how to organize your office desk in 15 minutes

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-29
Do you have to move paper and sundries in order to create work space on your desk?
Do you have unfinished items covered on your desk, piles of unread letters, notes containing unfamiliar text messages shot a few days ago, pens without ink, and scattered without lead on your computer the paper clip and memo remind you of the deadline.
Does this sound familiar?
If so, you have to take back your desk and conquer all the desk demons that invade your desk.
A cluttered table is a place without creativity and productivity and it only increases the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed and distracted.
However, in 15 minutes you can conquer the demons on your desk and create a successful environment that makes you feel very productive and motivated.
Here are four steps for you to have the perfect desk in 15 minutes.
Clean up everything on your desk, take everything off the table and put it on a neat bookshelf.
At this point, don\'t try to prove what you have to keep and what needs to be discarded, just take it off your desk.
This will give you the clarity you need to start and get this done, and the opportunity to recover and update.
You are changing from an old habit of a messy desk to a new way to keep your desk tidy.
If you want the top right or top left corner of your desk to be your inbox, specify an inbox space (
Top right corner I recommend)
But this is your table so you have to make a decision.
Once you have specified a space for your invoice, put an 8X11 inch tray in this space to store all incoming letters.
Don\'t worry, if you don\'t have a tray and don\'t need to rush out to buy one, just specify an area and identify it as inbox space and never allow anything else to take up that particular space.
The use of inbox space is to collect all incoming letters: memos, emails, anything you are responsible for reading (
Equivalent to your email inbox).
You must check in daily with inbox tray.
You must take three actions when reading the letter: take immediate action (
If a response is required)
File it or throw it away
Your inbox is not a space to hold information indefinitely.
It is an organization tool that holds all incoming information until you can take one of the above actions.
You have to commit to checking your inbox every day, sometimes two or three times a day, depending on the number of messages you receive each day.
Create a Tickler file, get 12 manila folders and tag them in January
December, then you need 31 more marked as 1-
31 days of the month, and two other folders marked for the next few years.
It was 2008 when I wrote this, so you will create a 2008 folder and a 2009 folder.
The month you are currently in includes the date of the month folder (1-31).
Whenever you have planned tasks, appointments, incoming memos announcing meetings/workshops and or project deadlines, simply put the information in the folder based on the month and date you need to complete.
For example, if I need to complete an article in December 15, 2008 and submit it to a publication read by my target audience, I will put the contact details, the due date of December 15, 2008 and the checklist in the folder. On Dec.
15. Everything that needs to be done is in my tickler file and I can take action.
If I plan to attend the meeting on May 17, 2009 and just receive the itinerary, I will put the itinerary in the 2009 folder and when 2009 arrives, the itinerary will be moved to the month in folder 17.
The Tickler file should also be synchronized with your daily plan.
It\'s better to put your tickler file system in the file/desk drawer or even in the box. Keep it simple;
However, avoid the temptation to put it on your desk.
Now is the time to submit the documents.
Read carefully all the files you originally cleared from your desk and archive them accordingly into your tickerler file system.
If you find the letter out of date, unimportant, or do not need your reply, throw the excess files in the trash and clean up the sundries.
Check your tickler files every day.
Put the planner/calendar on the table. Your table should have a planner or calendar that shows you the date and a list of all the tasks and activities that need to be completed on that day.
Write down any quick notes, phone messages, or frequently used phone numbers using your plan, and this system will prevent you from writing information on multiple sheets of paper or notes, it will be the main place to store notes and information.
They are easily retrieved when you need to view notes and information.
You never have to think again, \"where did I put it?
\"And waste time looking for any information or notes. Viola!
You created an organized desk (in 15 min. )
This is ready for your productivity.
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