How to moistureproof office furniture made of different materials?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-12
The correct office furniture configuration not only can improve the beautiful sex of office space, but also can improve the staff's office efficiency, but due to the damp environment will lead to office furniture is beautiful and the service life of the affected, so the corporate image and employee has a great influence, so today we came to share the moistureproof method of office furniture made of different materials, quick to learn. 1, solid wood office furniture: excessive damp environment and weather will lead to water, solid wood furniture surface discoloration, serious word will lead to the phenomenon of mildew, so for solid wood office furniture in more than not happen ago to note next to the office furniture and put some desiccant, and must pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, can care wax regularly used for maintenance, so while maintaining its luster also has certain moistureproof effect. 2, cloth art furniture, cloth art furniture color will appear at the beginning of be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew etc. Phenomenon, after will be affected with damp be affected with damp cloth art furniture fabric elasticity loss, will eventually lead to the fabrics of cloth art furniture embrittlement, extremely easy to wear, so for cloth art furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp can use blower and dryers dry after drying, pay attention to keep their distance, but if there is large area of mildew cloth art furniture, so it is better to ask professional team for processing. 3, leather office furniture: leather office furniture is in damp environment for a long time will appear color variation and leather harden, even also can appear mildew, so for the leather office furniture requires attention before using soft cloth dust removal after the damp weather coming for maintenance use special care oil, such not only can be moistureproof effect also can maintain its brightness, if leather office furniture mould, larger area is also need to ask professional team for processing. 4, board type furniture: general board type furniture has moisture-proof technology, but its board office furniture joint swelling deformation because of its moisture content, can appear even the phenomenon of cracking, then we need to pay attention to the position of the clean, and must complete closure for easy bibulous, can put some dampproof mat under the plate office furniture, of course, in the board office furniture placed around the desiccant can too. Above is our share of the office furniture made of different materials moistureproof method, know to you? Hope to you can help, if you want to learn more knowledge of office furniture, please pay attention to us.
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