How to maintain office screen?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-29
As a professional office furniture factory in foshan, a lot of users to our consulting about foshan working screen maintenance way, because their usual maintenance, it is easy to form a working screen damage may not beautiful, so today we want for our detailed clarify about foshan work under the maintenance of screen: foshan work screen can give workers a separate space, the work will be more independent, will improve work efficiency, work will be more motivated, more is that it needs to consider the use of the situation, the work modern office table is used for work, not to look at, in the status of the selected time needs to use, against to conclude that, considering the aspect, so is still a need to look at the order of things, value will be larger. 1, put smoothly: put work must insist on a flat screen of the ground, legs balanced on the ground. If settle after office furniture, often in a rocking motion state of instability, time will make a joint or fasteners, binding part of the split, then effect use effect and reduce the good furniture. Else, if the soft work screen imbalance, advocate you also don't use wood or iron mat furniture legs, so that even if insist on balance, it is also hard to force uniform, lasting damage wirecutter office chair interior structure, only compensation method is finishing the ground, or use a larger area of the hard rubber is spread in the south, in order to make smooth furniture legs on the ground. 2, avoid Yang put: the orientation of the screen display is best not to have been the sunshine point-blank, often can make furniture oil film sun fade, transmute easy oxidation of metal parts, wood easy to brittle. Summer is best window cloth covered the sun, and in order to maintenance screen. 3, remove the dust: work in to remove the dust on the screen had better use pure cotton knitted fabric, and then with meticulous soft wool brush to remove sub-sag, or relief grain of dust. Through the processing of furniture paint, avoid is swabbed with the organic solvent gasoline or, colorless swab furniture polish are available, and to increase gloss reduction fallout. 4, indoor humidity: is to stick to indoor humidity, don't let furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp. In age season using humidifier should be limited time, to prevent damage due to humidity furniture, such as wood does pedantic, corrosion of the metal, bonding parts easy to glue out, etc. We claim we usual cleaning screen water less as far as possible, to avoid more with buck, only appropriate twisted net water wet cloth to wipe, then use dry cloth to wipe clean. Office furniture factory in foshan tutor's work method is to maintain the first of these screen of foshan, we must according to clarify for correct operation, then make its function and show, more information about foshan working screen, will continue to let's pick up, please pay attention to
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