How to identify real wood furniture of good and bad?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-30
From before to now when furniture of choose and buy of the people, are compared to solid wood office furniture, is this why? The product compared with other furniture exactly what are the prominent advantages? Just follow the below small make up know together. A: on the color from the color of it, solid wood office furniture tonal it is pure natural log color, the color of nature of press close to, and will not cause harm to the body, is the modern society people love the nature, the pursuit of a reflection of the nature. Is very accord with modern people's psychological needs. 2: material from the material point of view, the vast majority of solid wood office furniture is all made from some fine timber, among them in northeast China ash, beech, more precious. And this kind of wood is derived from the nature, is the core concept of the modernistic design people-oriented, in people with raw materials and the distance between man and nature, let a person feel comfort. Three: contemporary exalt the core concept of environmental protection, environmental protection and solid wood office furniture just obeyed all the requirement of environmental protection, although no zero formaldehyde indoor furniture, but the product of relativity in furniture, other materials on the production and processing and hardware great reduce the production of indoor formaldehyde, have very good environmental protection features, is everyone would be able to watch and the application of furniture, but it must be pure solid wood furniture is as well. Four: long term solid wood office furniture, although more expensive than other furniture to many, but from the application deadline, real wood furniture of choose and buy is very cost-effective, could the custom furniture is normally 3 - 5 years, and could the real wood furniture to a minimum is full 15 years. 5: appreciation of solid wood office furniture not only lasts long, and is an appreciation of the role, many wooden planks enthusiasts professional solid wood furniture of choose and buy for personal collection, put the real wood furniture in the room can also improve the wood gas in the home, exposed to the improvement of his owner's humanities accomplishment, to put it bluntly 'wood or, people keep wood' relationship on each other and to develop big heart has a lot of help.
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