how to clean the wheels of an office chair

by:Frank Tech     2019-11-04
Almost all office chairs are equipped with wheels (
Also called casters)
This allows you to move freely from place to place easily.
If you are like me, sitting in an office chair for 8 hours a day, there will inevitably be some mileage in your chair.
You may not even know how often your chair rolls, even if it\'s just simply adjusting your sitting position, almost every movement of your body requires a chair move.
When the wheels of your office chair stop working, moving your chair may start to become difficult, not convenient.
As the wheels are blocked by dirt, hair, dust and other debris, they often do not work properly.
Fortunately, cleaning the wheel of the chair is a simple task that does not require much work.
It will also put your chair back on the furniture that was once enjoyable.
The first step in making your chair wheels squeak again is to start by turning the chair upside down and letting the chair\'s wheels stretch out in the air.
To avoid fatigue, you may want to sit in another chair when you start the cleaning process.
If you\'re worried about getting your hands dirty, wear latex gloves and prepare a garbage bag to throw away the pieces at any time.
To remove the larger pieces, use the butter knife as the tool of your choice to scrape them off.
A butter knife will go through the slots and under the wheel cover.
These areas can be cleaned easily and allow you to clear most of the pieces that prevent the wheel from rolling.
Be witty about how to clean with your knife;
Too much force can create ditches in plastic wheels, which will prevent them from rotating normally.
To remove unwanted hair from the wheel, use tweezers.
Next, you will want to remove the wheel from the chair.
On most office chairs, the wheel can be pulled down with a little force.
Some chairs may need a screwdriver to screw the wheel off the chair.
Once the wheel is removed, rub the wheel with a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt or dirt.
If you need help getting to the inside of the wheel, the cotton swab is very useful for getting into areas that are hard to reach.
After cleaning the wheel, make sure to completely dry each wheel with a clean dry cloth, paper towel or towel.
If moisture stays inside the wheel, it can cause creaking or make it easier for dirt to stick to the wheel.
Spray the interior of each wheel with a spray lubricant.
Wipe the excess or dripping lubricant as it will attract dirt.
Once you have finished cleaning, drying and lubrication, your chair will turn the wheel back on and turn the chair over.
Your chair should roll like the new one, and depending on how often you use the chair, you should work in the wheel cleaning department for a while.
The whole process is very fast and should not exceed ten minutes.
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