How to choose the shape of the desk? The shape of the desk what are the most common

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-30
How to choose the shape of the desk? The shape of the desk: (. What are the most common A) Article straight desk straight desk makes the office more compact, dense, also make the biggest use of the space, coupled with the Shared office equipment, from the aspect of the company can save more cost. For employees, direct the office space is shaped by the desk, make the person's visual space is larger, can close the distance between people, promote the exchanges and cooperation between people, and creating the comfortable office environment for employees, improve employee's work efficiency. ( 2) L-shaped desk l-shaped desk put a variety of ways, through the form of permutation and combination, put into various shapes, four can be put into cross together, two bits can be put into T against the wall, also like a font and type F, can say, can make the whole office space more can get more fully utilized. L-shaped desk straight desk desktop range greater than, more can satisfy the employees placed at random items of freedom, and the office needs. On the desktop of spare space to place some small green potted plants and accessories, not only can increase the aesthetic feeling of office, green plants also has the function of radiation protection. ( 3) Special-shaped desk abnormity location, that is, more than a desk. Heterosexual office location is not suitable for long and narrow type, is especially suitable for open, larger area office. Abnormity desk can lead to closer communication between employees, so especially suitable for the need of open communication team, especially with the development of the Internet and the enterprise, the general enterprise to the requirement of openness is higher, need each other more communication and collaboration, choice is suitable for the office.
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