How to choose a good office furniture ( Three big choice method)

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-01
Lift chair because movement is very simple, and lift is follow one's inclinations, so got the favour of broad consumer. Now many office will choose to lift chair. But because of the rise and fall of different principle between office chair as well as production material is different, so there are some potential safety hazard. Let's take a look at how should choose safe and reliable lifting chair. A, leather office chair lift gas explosion in general, the cause of this is mainly caused by the following two conditions: 1, air spring wall thickness uneven or preloading is too high. 2, frequency adjustment and rotation, resulting in overheating. Usually, lift chair gas inside the bar is filled with inert gases nitrogen purity is very high, it is the same with the bicycle pump. When you sit on it, although nitrogen by extrusion pressure gets bigger, but because in the expansion of the one that can withstand range, so there would be no explosion problem. But there are a lot of the poor quality of the office chair lift gas rod, the purity of nitrogen wasn't up to par, gas pole material price difference too, in the summer air temperature is higher or the chair for frequent lifting, pneumatic rod inside the pressure goes up, it would be easy to explode. There are some illegal businessmen in order to reduce the production cost, with free air instead of inert gas, it is easy to cause the lift chair. There are some people in the use of lifting chair didn't adopt the correct methods, such as sit down when the strength is very big, or is often to adjust the lifting lever. Second, how to choose a good office chair chair lift 1, buy a regular lift leather office chair products when the choose and buy, must choose normal manufacturer production products. Absolutely don't buy because showed there is something wrong with the quality of products, otherwise it would be easy to have security problems. Even found that the problem you want to let the other side to repair man is nowhere to be found. 2, carefully chosen the rise and fall of the price is too cheap office chair according to the personage inside course of study introduces, as long as it is normal manufacturer lift chair is that there will be inspection. For lifting of office desks and chairs so have a certain risk of office products, need to use steel material and inert gas purity is very high. Through the above content, how to choose reliable elevator office chair should have a certain understanding, especially enterprise procurement leisure chair should pay attention to the problem above, might as well choose and buy when you can refer to it.
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