How many Frank Tech leather swivel chair are sold per year?
The annual sales volume is quite positive. With the development of society, the demand for leather swivel chair is growing in the market, which leads to the popularity of Foshan Frank Tech Furniture Co., Ltd. which focuses on creating beautiful products for decades. Since the launch of the product, it has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign customers, resulting in greater annual sales.

Frank Tech is an experienced Chinese company that has developed unrivalled skill and expertise in office desk furniture for sale designing and manufacturing. Frank Tech provides a wide range of office workstations for customers. Frank Tech low back office chair represents the finest in design and craftsmanship. It is designed to carry multi-functions for modern office use. With a fast response time, the product can be lighted up very quickly, achieving full brightness under a microsecond. It, based on fine craftsmanship and excellent materials, maintains good conditions in harsh environments.

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