How big is the size of the desk standard

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-04
The size of the desk standard have how old? Here can tell you very clearly, as a matter of fact, there is no standard on the market, we always buy according to their own actual situation to choose the table, if you think that a relatively small size, so you can change to a bigger size, this also take into account the actual office space, make the size looks very good in the office. Below is a size range to use. A standard desk employees, size from 1200 mm to 1600 mm, 500 mm wide, height of about 700 mm. Of course, the size of the standard is only a reference, there is no such thing as a standard, etc. , the customer need what size? Then, according to the requirements of customers, can make how much seat. When shopping, must take into account your own actual need, for example, the table may need to put more files, sometimes even in them to the printer. Because the modern office table itself has a lot of things, so the size should be appropriate, if there is only one employee working alone, and the file is not much, so there's no need to buy that kind of big table. Now the size of the chair is not a fixed standard, the key is to choose the size according to the height of the staff, not to mention there are chairs can automatically adjust the height and height, then there is no standard. When employees use this chair, if they feel very short, they will lift it up a bit higher, higher if they think they do, I put it down a little. There is also a mesa size standard, is the so-called the boss or the boss chair, the size of this kind of desk and chair is compared commonly big, average length is 1800 mm to 2600 mm, height is 750 mm to 780 mm, this kind of desk and chair is luxurious, most will be used by the manager or boss figure. ” Chairs and tables to do, of course, even if the boss can also be customized, also does not have the size of the unified standard. The key is to look at how the size of the you need to be to make what kind of size at the factory.
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