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by:Frank Tech     2020-06-15
More and more North Americans work from home, whether they put a laptop at the table or work in a dedicated office.
With the exception of phones and computers, almost any space can build a viable home office by focusing on some basic ingredients: chairs, tables, lighting and storage.
Some quick tips on what the designer is looking for: the chair puts its hands down, which is the most important item, the designer said.
Peggy covage of Burbank, California, said: \"This is probably your biggest investment . \"
IKEA designers for nearly a decade.
\"Invest in a chair today and thank you for your back tomorrow.
Greg Dunlop, national manager of Boston
All steel, an office furniture maker, said,
Gap office chair will: Support your back along the spine curve, with an adjustable seat cushion that slides back and forth, which can be adjusted higher or lower, with adjustable handrails if possible.
Dunlop himself is a designer who defends the company\'s Acuity chair, which has a similar price (and appearance)
To the iconic Aeron chair, this is gold
Star standard for office chairs for many years.
The retail price of Acuity is $600 to $800.
Dunlop issued a warning to the leather office chair that placed the bar on the lower back to provide support.
\"This is not what you want,\" he said . \"
This is another pressure point.
HGTV designer Monica Pedersen loves the office chairs of Ikea and crates and barrels.
She especially recommended the icon administrative leather office chair for crates and barrels (US$599)
Nominell swivel chair at Ikea (
Starting at $139)
Bring fashion into the Home Office.
Ikea\'s Kovacic warned against buying chairs online.
\"You want to sit inside and make sure your body feels good inside,\" she said . \".
Dunlop note that while most desks are 76 to 81 cm high, be sure to adjust your chair if you buy a higher one.
If not, you can fix the difference by connecting the keyboard tray to the lower side of the table.
The key, Dunlop said, is to avoid lifting your shoulders while typing on a computer.
If the table and chair are not aligned correctly, your elbow will not let 90-
Helps prevent angle of back pain.
As for the desk style, Peterson often uses Ballard Design\'s modular office furniture in her Design projects because they are attractive, \"you can create it as you like.
\"The swing is recommended by Pedersen.
The arm light on the wall above the table is used for task lighting, or for larger lights, or for better ceiling lighting for more diffuse light.
Kovacic advocates the use of swing arms with halogen lamps and attempts to place the table near natural light.
\"You sit inside all day, so natural light makes it better,\" she said . \".
Storage Kovacic recommends something close to the door to minimize confusion, especially if the work area is in a significant part of the house, such as the family room.
Not only can homeowners take away documents and accessories, but they can also take away computers and printers behind the cabinet door.
\"It makes it look more peaceful and clean,\" Kovacic said . \".
Other needs-Petersen believes the area of the carpet is essential.
She recommended 1. 4-metre-by-1. 8-metre, low-
Piles of carpets such as Kenma.
Replace carpet mats with carpet tape so chair legs or wheels don\'t get stuck.
-Pedersen says hiding ugly wires, she loves the main product wires she picked up at Staples.
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