High partition screen what are the principle and characteristics of feng shui

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-13
High partition screen can break the characteristics of different layout and different space not only, also can make the company office abound change of natural environment, keep the space between the mutual communication, to shape the combination of art and taste of office wirecutter office chair to provide more space. Then come together to see high partition screen what are the characteristics and principles of feng shui. A brand image shaping, high partition design principle: partition without load, and modelling design playability, design should pay attention to the change of height, length, and authenticity and unified. Color matching techniques: partition is part of the whole room, color should be consistent with the basic part of the room. The selection of raw materials and production: prefabricated partition is a kind of multi-function, so the decoration design and actual effect can be placed in the raw material first. 2 the bead curtain divided into partition in feng shui, feng shui things have evil, evil effects. In the toilet or sitting room hanging bead curtain partition can bring good luck to the home. However, hanging in the bedroom a pink bead curtain partition can promote feelings and marriage. Three, partition is one of the best partition objects. Plant partition can stop murderous look, also can kill process. Plant broad leaf type or wide impeller type partition had better choose plants as partition, because their electromagnetic field effect is best. Generally on or near the toilet, it not only can stop dirt, can purify indoor air, kill two birds with one stone. Four, high partition screen partition screen not only can the wind, also represents the host family's true identity and influence. Feng shui in the family in, the appropriate application of high partition screen can also exorcism. Wood panel partition is one of the best in the office partition, partition is wooden and bamboo screen YanBing screen partition. Made of plastic and stainless steel screen partition the actual effect is relatively weak, especially in the case of metal screen partition, their own electromagnetic field won't change, also can affect the body's magnetic field, it is best not to use them.
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