High-end office furniture innovation difficult

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-13
High-end office furniture will innovation difficult though office furniture production in our country to carry out the fast, but it is still faced with excessive growth too fast, cheap products, creativity and a lack of planning, circulation field small and many other problems. Most of the work furniture manufacturer by follow suit blindly copy, the present domestic furniture style work cycle is far shorter than international cycle of strange phenomenon: a skilled job abroad furniture style popular in five years or so, and the work in recent years, domestic furniture style is at a speed of about three months a renewal. Domestic whole work with furniture profession, plagiarism has become each other, other small office furniture manufacturer of imitation metal, metal imitation, mutual imitation of similar enterprises abroad. Many companies think that plagiarism is normal, even with wang yan, don't copy, can I live? According to industry analysis, the main reason of professional status is: professional admittance threshold low; Lack of planning and development personnel. Now, the domestic work with furniture planner quantity is very limited, a lot of planning institutions, planner and work furniture manufacturer to contact is not tight, there are some planning city priceless or negotiable. In guangdong, nearly 1 m work furniture manufacturer, and have trained planner but lack of 1000 people. In other words, every 10 only one planners work furniture manufacturer. And usually works every furniture factory needs at least three to five planner, counting, guangdong province alone lack of at least 30000 planners work with furniture. Lack of vision ability, product homogeneityphenomenon fairly throughout the another as a result, intellectual property litigation concerning foreign affairs is simple. Last year American wood studio furniture of our country anti-dumping lawsuits involving totaling $1 billion. Incident, professional bodies or that because most of the work furniture manufacturer is branded produces exports the United States, especially some studio furniture enterprises in guangdong province, it has become the studio furnisher covert enterprises in the United States. profession are scattered, messy, especially the lack of planner, a direct impact on the work of our country furniture industry's international competitiveness. Our traditional working towards the most simple furniture, as a result of the structure of mortise and tenon joint international recognition and admiration, as a conception of traditional work furniture is the most senior to often want to combine traditional and modern international city have vitality. To become bigger and stronger, we should encourage planners set and give prize. Set vision, inherit and development is an eternal subject. As is known to all, personalized and fashionable office furniture professional is very strong, all requirements for products and companies to create outstanding brand, work furniture professional technology content is low, belongs to labor-intensive enterprises, automation degree is low. Usually don't need a lot of money, projects is straightforward. So it did not work furniture brand, become our country furniture rheumatism, only trouble, weak work wirecutter office chair in our country has exposed. Work in our country furniture production and export must initiate nationalization and internationalization planning concepts, cultivate independent brands have fire
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