Her desk order details how to maintain leather sofa

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-19
Her desk is indispensable for every enterprise, office furniture, one of the excellent reception desk can give a good impression, like the faces of enterprises. So important. Modern enterprise all cities in selecting and decorate her desk, so many companies are now city to pick her desk custom-made style pattern, according to the realistic need and discretion. Then, the enterprise made her desk should pay attention to what details? Order - her desk Size front desk can also be divided into single front desk, double xi 'an office furniture and people's front desk, reception desk in predetermined specifications is not sure her desk, could not have held a full range of inference. Ordinary cases, single front desk size and usual long in 1200 - at the front desk reception modern office table size The width of 1650 mm within the limits, in 560 - 900 mm within limitations. Ordinary at the same time we also set aside 1200 - in her desk 1400 mm of space as a sitting or arrange filing cabinets. If it is mostly made her desk root Beijing office furniture according to the reality. Order - her desk The choose and buy when made at the front desk desk, on the basis of what is said above, we first need to consider is a single front desk as a double that is more than the choose and buy of her desk. Followed by considering selected the size of the front desk, also need to pay attention to the left a surplus space, make the space won't appear extremely compact, that left a surplus space, enough is enough. In the end is to pick her desk style color. On the colour of office furniture, modern wuhan office furniture is mostly adopt simple color, can give calm think, in the style of the functional and the practicability of the selected, pay attention to the reception desk. Order - her desk Fashionable modern office made this one at the front desk desk performance fashionable tide style, using the light painting process, presents its lubrication, this one at the front desk desk in a group on the appearance of abnormal fashionable tasteful, groups or lines and the simplicity of the framework of her desk, by the simple means the quality of the invention is not simple, on the vision also abnormal in hangzhou office furniture generosity, abnormal appearance on the performance of the diamond idea with modern fashionable tide of modern thought, traditional craft with the most modern manufacturing machinery. The size of the reception desk is 2800 * 800 * 1050 mm as the saying goes: & other; There is no ugly women, only lazy woman & throughout; , the same principle, sofa can youth invincible after maintenance. Then how should maintain leather sofa? 1, the new buy leather sofa, bear in mind that cannot be washed with water or use chemicals to wash, need to use chicken feathers sweep clean clean the dust of appearance. With professional care agent to wipe gently again the appearance of sofa one or two, makes skin appearance form a layer of protective film. 2, try at least once a week with a soft cloth to wipe, each quarter it is best to hold to maintain a professional care agent. 3, keep in mind that cannot use hard brush to brush try leather sofa and cloth, because the leather is soft, prevent damage skin. 4, the location of dermal sofa to prevent overheating too wet or the environment, cause mould easily eat by moth, overheating will cause leather fibre passivation or dry. Shenzhen office leather office couch
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