guide on how to disassemble your office chair

by:Frank Tech     2019-11-17
You may need to disassemble your office chair when you move.
This will make it easier to move and transport.
When the chair part is fixed in the original box, it can prevent wear and tear that may occur during transportation.
If you know how to assemble the chair, you should know how to take it apart.
However, you can try the following steps: Step 1: Get a screw drive that installs the screws used on the base of the chair wheels.
Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that connect the chair base to the cylindrical shaft.
Place the screws on one side and carefully remove the wheel base.
Step 2: pry the wheel open from the shaft.
This can be hindered by the tach connector.
Pry it open with a flat screwdriver.
If you don\'t have a flat head screwdriver, do the job with a flat metal stick.
Step 3: After removing the wheel, remove the Cylinder Shaft next.
This is connected via set-screws. Remove the set-
Screw and carefully remove the shaft from the base connection.
This was found under the seating section of the office chair.
Remove the seat after removing the cylindrical shaft.
Step 4: remove the 4 bolts that connect the tach connector to the seat base.
The 4 bolts connecting the chair back recliner should also be removed.
Place the bolts with the screws that were previously removed.
Step 5: Next, unscrew the connector of the armrest.
Remove the screws that connect the handrails to the seat base.
The other arm does the same.
Put the screws on one side.
Step 6: remove the parts carefully now.
Place the screws in a safe container so you don\'t lose them.
This will definitely cause problems the next time the chair is assembled.
Step 7: If you still have the original packaging of the chair, place the individual parts in a plastic package or foam.
Make sure they are fixed in the box.
Step 8: put all the parts inside the box and tape the box using tape or masking tape.
Now you can move the office chair easily.
You should remember how to assemble the chair.
Removing chairs before shipping can also be kept clean.
Dust will accumulate when traveling.
You want to keep it clean all the time.
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