Guangzhou office sofa factory will teach you how to correctly choose appropriate oneself office sofa in the office

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-27
Office sofa is one of the indispensable for office configuration, selection of guangzhou office sofa factory don't careless. Then by teaching you how to choose and office sofa. 1, style choosing guangzhou office sofa factory, first consider the office whole decorate a style, office sofa design and color must and the mass-tone attune of the decoration environment harmonious collocation. If it is Chinese style style, then can is tie-in and same style of solid wood office sofa. If it is contemporary and contracted style, then can match cloth art leisure office sofa. 2, size should first understand the office space, office sofa to choose the appropriate size. 3, the structure of the accord with human body engineering office sofa wants firm, smooth should hit the ground. Hard or too soft, office sofa, normal sitting position is not suitable for the human body, used for a long time will cause harm to the body. Office sofa seat surface and the back of a chair should be suitable for human physiological structure of the surface is good, backrest height to be moderate, too low, isn't very convenient for sitting up; Sitting too high, not feeling well. Office sofa into deep common on the market size is 95 cm, the depth which is suitable for height in one. 7 meters. Height in one. 7 meters above the best choice for 105 cm deep sofa, can ease the tension in his back. 4, the quality and see if there is a rocking, loose, and then press the sofa cushion, whether the feel is smooth, the structure of the spring strength. 5, use if rest in the office at noon, also can choose takes the sofa of sleep lying function, ordinary office sofa armrest is square, sleep lying functional sofa armrest like a pillow shape. Finally, everyone in the choice of guangzhou office sofa factory, but also pay attention to small details, should carefully check the office sofa wood pieces with and without cracks, signs of loosening, see the film again whether level off is smooth, colour and lustre whether there is a difference, with and without film falls off phenomenon.
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