Guangzhou office furniture maintenance way, the way we teach you some exquisite

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-28
Firstly, before cleaning the office furniture, with feather duster soft cleaning supplies, such as processing surface dust particulate matter, then gently with a soft cloth to wipe, can be appropriately with a small amount of water or a little detergent to clean up. Second, avoid office furniture put strong position in high temperature, humidity and illumination, maintain office space ventilation. Three, avoid office furniture surface dust to corrosive liquid, such as asperse essence, banana oil, gasoline, nail polish, strong acid, strong alkali, etc. Four, hardware accessories, only need to use dry cloth gently, do not use detergent containing chemical substances, avoid by all means is clean with acidic liquid gold plated parts, such as appear more difficult to remove the black spots on the surface of the gold plating, can use kerosene to wipe, clean. Regularly check for office furniture edge joint fittings, found loose to tighten in a timely manner. Five, such as office furniture has minor scratches and phenomenon, can be used with color paint to repair the color processing. Six, edge, such as office furniture appear pointing or delamination phenomenon, can be in the office furniture surface with a thin cloth, with iron, can make the cock phenomenon to repair. Seven, pay attention to the office furniture veneer paint film to maintain, do not use a hard or sharp objects knock against the office furniture, cabinet put oneself in another's position to avoid knocking and grind the surface of the glass or metal accessories. What time it is not hard to see from above, the office furniture in daily running time pay more attention to the processing of detail, don't blind processing, can effectively increase the service life of our office furniture. Temperature and humidity in the different time intervals, and maintenance of office furniture is different. Maintenance of office furniture, the maintenance method of spring has spring, winter has winter maintenance method, under the guangzhou is to share the winter of office furniture maintenance method. Winter weather is dry, office furniture surface easy to rub off, craze, using air conditioning to keep warm in winter, office furniture products for a long time been blowing air conditioning, easy to make lumber local weather-shack, warping deformation and partial qualitative change of paint film. How to maintain office furniture is a matter of concern to the boss with employees. Avoid direct sunlight. Although there are no violent summer winter sunshine, but long time in the sun and is inherently, dry climate, woodiness is too dry, cracks and local fade easily. Office furniture, do not put in ventilated place such as window, door, air conditioning mouth, close to the window of the office furniture, if don't want to remove long-term under the window curtain, The curtain is to prevent the office furniture by sunlight) , close the door of the office furniture can only be removed or closed for a long time. Should not be in a very humid place, lest wood in wet expand, after a long time perishable, drawer and pull away. On a regular basis for maintenance. Under normal circumstances, only played in a wax can each quarter, such furniture looks shiny and surface not vacuuming, cleaning up more easily.
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