Guangzhou elevator office furniture with the person this, for companies to employees health office experience easily

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-27
Now, many people are faced with the problem of sedentary. And sedentary bring pain, everyone is experience, is now carrying far more than this in their 20 s and 30 s body the skeleton of the age, all kinds of lumbar disease, cervical spondylosis 'into' the body of people, bring a lot of trouble. As early as several years ago to sedentary office furniture of the study, the rise and fall of designed office furniture is the effective solution of the problem, to help people away from sitting at the same time, also created a new health office experience. According to understand the movements of many office office furniture according to the consumer behavior, the millimeter level lifting technology, designed the four adjustable height, can intelligent elevator, and highly visible. Office furniture, the intelligent AI is introduced in the product chip form memory button, can be accurate memory to the height of the desk. In terms of noise reduction, product softly when lift is like a boat, smaller than the voice of the keyboard, don't bother to colleagues, work and rest at the same time, also won't interfere with their work. Lift let employees away from the original wooden office furniture and office experience for a long period of time, turned to sit stand alternate forms of office. Under this kind of work experience, the staff to work with more enthusiasm, work efficiency is enhanced. For working population, sedentary is a kind of common normal, healthy demand for office environment is necessary. The rise and fall of office furniture to office furniture are free to adjust the height of the lift desk have health office new experience for the user.
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