Good quality office furniture about how to choose

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-19
When buying office furniture, most people tend to focus is the appearance of the wirecutter office chair, and for good quality office furniture to choose don't know how many. First of all should pay attention to the moisture content of furniture, if the high moisture content, wood is easy to warp, deformation. Usually, the moisture content of furniture does not exceed 12%. When consumer is buying furniture, generally do not bring their own testing instruments, so use hand furniture base or has no place to paint on the inside, if feel feel damp, so lumber moisture content is exorbitant, unfavorable buy. There is a simple method is to paint on wood didn't place sprinkle a little water, if absorption is slow or no absorption, explain the moisture content of lumber is high. If it is found that man-made board have deformation, the phenomenon of marginal expansion and the center of concave and convex, suggests that wood bibulous rate is too high. appearance materials general requirements to choose hard miscellaneous wood materials, common office furniture materials such as northeast China ash, oak waits, the wood is solid, can bearing, shelves, can consider to use other materials; The thickness of the cabinet to 2. 5 cm, appear stupid too thick, thin easy winding deformation; The bathroom cabinet is unfavorable use fiber board, as a result of fiberboard absorbent strong, will swell, under the influence of water damage.
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