Good quality board office furniture should be how to choose?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-20
Office furniture material species has a lot of categories, including board office furniture, and the board office furniture is in the process of production need to add some chemical adhesive, so if the chosen plate office furniture quality problems, so the harm to human body is bigger, so today we're going to give you share the technique of board type furniture of choose and buy, quick to learn. 1, when choosing plate office furniture we must check the surface appearance, mainly to see whether there is a scratch, indentation, etc. , good plate office furniture will not exist this kind of phenomenon, and its surface wood clear natural, smooth smooth, feel is good, if you have any pattern design board office furniture surface, you need to check whether its design is symmetrical, it will look more beautiful, let a person feel is made of a block of wood. 2, to the sealing side of board type furniture is very important, because it directly determines whether the quality qualified, so that when choosing board type furniture is crucial, so we can use a hand to touch the sealing side of board type furniture, check whether there is a crack Angle, concave and convex, warping phenomenon, if the touch surface smooth level off means that the edge processing is done, because the sealing side of board type furniture not ready, will accelerate plate material within the office furniture formaldehyde volatilizes, serious impact on human health. 3, it is important to note that the structure of board type furniture, when selecting board office furniture so 2 will need to check the strong stability, then we can use when selecting board type furniture be shaking hands, if there is a shaking or abnormal sound, then it shows that the structure is not solid, for this, do not have to choose and buy, also need to check the board type furniture parts of the gap, such as drawer, door, etc. , it is important to ensure that opening is smooth, no abnormal sound. Above is what we share the good quality of board type furniture selection skills. Hope to you can help, if there are any problems, welcome consulting, answers one by one for you.
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