Glass table than wooden table, what are the advantages?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-21
Because now people more and more aware of environmental protection, along with the improvement of aesthetic standard, the choice of office furniture also began to present a new trend. Office furniture material selection is no longer limited to the solid wood and composite panels such as material, glass table is also more and more popular. The glass table than wooden table, what are the advantages? A, true zero - formaldehyde in the process of work, the formaldehyde is one of the main sources of all kinds of furniture products. Office wirecutter office chair is also one of the important carrier of formaldehyde. Wood and composite materials of desk and chair, clapboard, even leather sofa also contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. However, table or other glass office furniture is 100% addition. Usually, glass office furniture by 12 or 15 mm toughened glass, won't produce formaldehyde when processing glass. Second, longer service life of toughened glass strength, durability and impact resistance is several times of common glass. Even if a few adults standing in the above, there is no problem. Even if they have strong impact, they also won't produce cracks. General solid wood or composite board table under strong external shocks, in the humid air, sunlight, easy to fracture under bad environment, such as deformation, wear and tear or rot, but the glass table, there is no such problem, the sun or bug eat by moth will not affect them, the longer service life than the wooden table, conference table, of course, there are many different materials, also have the advantage. Three, modelling design simple atmosphere, good compressive stability at present, the vast majority of glass table is essentially steel bracket to support the desktop, the appearance of the simple and modelling also meet the needs of the current enterprise. Due to the shape of the stainless steel horse to cross or back frame structure, it can offer good support for glass table, and some auxiliary rod and bar support, has the very good ability to work under pressure. Through the connection part of the glass and metal stents made into quadrilateral circular aluminum, effectively increase the contact area, also improve the stability of the glass modern office table. These are glass table some advantages relative to the wooden table, it is because of these advantages, glass table, more and more get the welcome of the enterprise.
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