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by:Frank Tech     2020-06-25
When we moved into the new house, my boyfriend and I made giving ourselves a studio space a top priority and we could work on projects in our spare time.
We are all looking for innovative ways to get what we want with as little money as possible, and with this in mind, we spend a lot of time creating the perfect layout, custom built corner desk and redesigned hardwood floor.
As I was building the ideal studio space, I stared down at our old tables and chairs.
Although they work very well, the rough, ugly brown fabric they use in our new beautiful space is simply unacceptable.
I decided we needed to redecorate them, and after a quick trip to the fabric store for a few hours, with a nail gun, we spent five dollars on a brand new desk and chair!
It was very fast and simple and completely changed our studio.
How is this done. . . -Old tables and chairs]s]–Fabric. (
It took about half a yard for each of our chairs, but measure the height and width of the back and seat cushions, adding 4 \"to each side to make sure you have enough time to wrap them around)–Screwdriver (
Philips or flat head according to the components of the chair)
-Nail gun-scissors-extra hands (
You need help stretching and holding the fabric)
Obviously, each leather office chair is different, and some may be more complicated than others.
It\'s quite simple to take our apart, so I\'m going to show you how we did it.
You have to take a moment to look at yours and see how it is separated.
You may have instructions to help you otherwise use some common sense and screwdriver.
First turn the side of the chair to see what needs to be screwed.
Our chair needs to remove the handrails and legs with a screwdriver, while the backrest is easy to remove by screwing down the huge knob that allows you to adjust the height.
When you\'re done, the backrest and seat cushion should be completely separated from the rest of the chair.
Remove the plastic back from the mat so that all the staples are exposed.
Place your mats on the fabric, cut around them, leaving enough edges so you can easily nail them down.
Give yourself two or 4 inch room.
It\'s best to stay a little less, and finally you cut off all the extra ones!
If your fabric has some kind of pattern you want to show, take the time to make sure the pattern is in the right place.
Now the most important part is coming: bind your fabric in place.
The most important part is to ensure that the fabric is stretched as closely as possible.
The fabric will loose during use over time, so please keep learning.
First, fix one side in place with some staple food.
Then, tighten the fabric as much as possible and nail the sides directly to the fabric.
Repeat this on the third and fourth sides to make sure the fabric is as tight as possible.
Just put some staple food in place so you can put the basic shape down.
Once you put all four sides in the right position, fix them along the entire perimeter to connect the two sides.
The corner is very important because you don\'t want the party to show and ups and downs in your seat.
After all the sides are finished, do it finally.
Tighten the fabric and distribute the party evenly.
Make your partner a staple when you insist.
Repeat with the other three corners.
At the end of the day, you should have a nice smooth mat.
Repeat with a second mat.
Once both of your mats are fully bound, turn them over and trim off the excess fabric.
Buckle the plastic back on the mat and reassemble the chair!
Screw the legs back to the seat and put the back in place, reconnect the arm if you have the arm and tighten everything.
Sit down and enjoy your beautiful chair now!
After just a few hours of work, I was able to transform my chairs and give them a whole new life to compliment our studio space!
I hope you will be as happy as I am.
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