Furniture repair school furniture repair skills: let the school need not refurbished school furniture every year to save money!

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-14
For a school, want to provide a better learning environment for students, students should pay attention to the above all is the use of tables and chairs, followed by the teacher's office desks and chairs, and for any school, require large quantities of purchase, and now a lot of schools will consider many factors when buying furniture, furniture is chosen the right, as long as the school late school furniture repair and maintenance is so easy. 1, in addition to oil residue on the wooden furniture tea is excellent cleaner, wipe, spray a small amount of flour to wipe again, finally to corn flour to wipe clean. Corn flour can absorb all adsorption on the surface of the furniture, stolen goods, make the surface smooth and bright. 2, in addition to the ink on the wooden furniture can add two white vinegar in a water, with sponge wiped mixture oil stains from wooden furniture, then washing and to dry the school furniture. 3, white furniture, yellow and white paint on the surface of the furniture, the processing of time will turn yellow. Available dishcloth touchs toothpaste is wiped, be careful not to overexert; Also can put the two egg yolk beaten, with a soft brush to yellow places, dry with soft cloth to wipe clean. In addition to pay attention to in the use of furniture to avoid direct sunlight for a long time in the school. 4, the furniture was scratched if the processing of furniture to be scratched, but does not touch upon the wood under the paint film, can use soft cloth with a little melted wax liquid, paint coating the wound, cover scars. After being qualitative hard wax, coated with a layer of again. So again and again with a few times more, hide them membrane scars. 5, paint film burn mark repair method if the furniture paint film is cigarette butts, soot, or not put out the cigarette burns, the match left burn marks, without burning under the paint film of wooden, can use small microgroove hard one stick head cloth, and gently wipe burning marks, and then coated with a thin wax liquid, qiaogen be removed. 6, clear the watermark on the furniture, school furniture as drops of water did not wipe clean in time, over a period of time, water seeping into the paint film gaps and stockpile, make coating of a watermark. In this case, as long as water mark on the cover with a piece of wet cloth clean, and then carefully with iron pressing wet cloth, gathered in the water in the watermark can be vaporized, watermark is lost.
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