Functional, attractive home office design worth investing in

by:Frank Tech     2020-02-22
With the shift from the workplace to work from home, Susanna dansero finds it a different world to invest in a fully functional, comfortable and attractive home office.
\"Even if I work full time for the ad hoc agency, I have worked a lot at home,\" said the business reporter who started working full time.
Freelance journalist about a year ago.
Her desk started in one of her 1,000 bedrooms. square-
Ft. plateau apartment.
When the feeling was limited, Dansereau said, she moved it into one end of the living room, behind the bookshelf.
\"It\'s functional, but it\'s not ideal,\" she said of her previous office facilities . \" It\'s just a table and a chair.
\"This is a continuation of the living room.
She said there was no dedicated space to store all her documents, \"things were everywhere.
\"After a thorough redesign, she now has an ergonomic customization
Different building offices from adjacent living rooms share its natural lighting and creative design details and redesign the front entrance.
\"My office now gives the whole apartment a personality,\" Dansereau pointed to the floor . \"to-
Ceiling integrated bookshelf, slide, curved solid maple
Floor to ceiling windows at the desk and redesigned.
When Dansereau\'s boyfriend Michel Naggar moved in, the couple decided to find a designer who could reimagine the whole family.
\"The first architect to come over, his size is wrong, he can\'t even hand-draw, so I don\'t think it will work,\" Naggar recalls . \".
\"I was hanging out at a French restaurant called La Gargote de antiquanta in Notre --
Naggar told his friends, the restaurant owner, about the plight of him and Dansereau.
\"The owner of the restaurant said,\" there\'s a guy coming and he\'s been graffiti all the time.
I think he\'s a designer.
\"That designer, Vincent van den Duroc of Mouvement Creatif, visited the plateau House and proposed the removal of the wall between the living room and the corridor to the apartment.
\"The corridor is dark,\" Van den Duroc said . \"
The wall is not structural, removing it will illuminate the entrance and allow it to be enlarged.
Van den Duroc designed the danthero office, including its U-
Shaped solid maple leaf working face with built-in bearing at one end
In the file cabinet, the other end turns to the entrance, bends twice, and then turns back at a lower height.
The practical effect of this attractive design is to have a bench with armrests at the ventilated entrance.
The height of the Dansereau desk is 28 inch, which is different from the standard desk with a height of 29 or 30 inch.
\"Ergonomics is very important because I am short and I don\'t want to hurt myself,\" Dansereau said . \".
She hired an ergonomist to advise;
She says her neck has been bothering her because she looks down at the computer screen, so now her computer screen is staring at her --level.
Her office also includes a 45-degree footrest and a chair with armrests.
\"When we do the rollover, we also throw it away as little as possible,\" Dansereau said . \".
\"But it\'s not just recycling.
This is very important to me, for example, to reuse my French windows, \"she said, referring to panels that separate the office from the entrance without blocking the light.
Danthero says the maple trees on her desk may come from less than 100 kilometers from Montreal.
\"I believe in sustainability, so I try to find materials that are close to me,\" she said . \".
\"We have the wood, why not put it\" the design of Mathieu Pellerin, pad, Pel É bénisterie to death Vandendrouck.
\"It\'s hard (maple)
However, the timber may come from eastern towns, Pellerin added.
\"The idea of this project is to keep it as ecological as possible,\" he said . \".
He said that there is no formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds in the medium fiber board used to integrate the bookshelf, and the content of glue and finish to VOCs is very low (
Volatile organic compounds.
In terms of architecture, the curve on the maple tree is the main challenge he faces, says Pelerin.
The curved furniture is usually made by bending the plywood and covering it with a single board, he said.
He said he finished the maple leaf surface with Livos oil.
\"What\'s more interesting is that it will age the wood.
\"The whole looks great,\" Dansereau said of her office . \" She has been using her office for five years.
Still, in retrospect, she will do something different.
\"The ladder allows the wheels to roll more smoothly, the metal rod (supporting it)
It could be better material like chrome or stainless steel.
She said it was a mistake not to install overhead lighting.
\"Because money is a problem, we didn\'t do it,\" she said . \"
\"Now, I regret it.
\"The convenience of having a table at home also has its own problems.
\"When you work from home, it will make you work more,\" Dansereau said . \".
\"You can check it out. ”
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