Four table made of different materials

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-02
Because each enterprise conference room has a table, table is a formal business meeting. Very little in the past, the style of the conference table, but with the birth of some of the new material, the modern office table material has changed. What are the material office table? Let's make edge xiao a brief introduction of the next four table made of different materials. 1. Solid wood table, solid wood office table by most business owners love, because of the high level of solid wood table itself. Put the table in the atmosphere of the meeting room can make whole room appears solemn and serious. This is beyond the ability of other table. With advanced wood table will make people more aware of the importance of the meeting. Solid wood table, however, more expensive and require specialized personnel daily maintenance. 2. Steel table, the table is a bit low, the main raw material is stainless steel, and the weight is very heavy. Solid stainless steel modern office table, may need a few mobile. A further advantage of this table, however, that is, at ordinary times you don't need to always take care of it and it's a long service life. 3. Acrylic table acrylic board is a kind of chemical polymerization material, has the same characteristics as the plastic. Office table surface using acrylic sheet. Although it looks like plastic, but smooth and beautiful, has a good ability of anti pollution and fire prevention performance, suitable for department meeting rooms and group meeting room. 4. Marble table, marble table mainly made of marble, usually with a good quality carved out of marble. Marble table price is very expensive, this is due to the high wages, sculptor, marble processing technology of high cost and high transport costs. Want to buy the material of the table, also need you to think about what, after all, is not very easy to carry, but have more grade marble table. Here introduces the office table, four kinds of commonly used materials. No matter use which kinds of material, the table needs to be maintained, the purchase price also depends on the quality of the material. Solid wood modern office table, for example. Higher grades of lumber, the price is more expensive. If you want to know the price, just go and ask the office leather office couch company's sales personnel.
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