Female boss office desk how feng shui layout is better? 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-31
With the improvement of women's status, more and more women struggle and become the boss, in a department store in geomantic learn there is a difference between men and women, so how feng shui layout for female boss office table is better? Small make up for you to share the next furniture: 1. Balance around someone would give women the feng shui advice be piled higher on the left side of things, will make his luck a little bit better. But I never thought, the female is more of a balance of feng shui to consider. Left for Yang, Yang sheng, will impact their own negative, obviously not appropriate. So, girls in the office is decorated, documents, books on either side of the need to balance two as far as possible, not to let his about imbalances. 2. Never carry from door to door to desk facing put, who sat back door, the desk do not put, otherwise it will lead to communicate with subordinates, they will usually call you '' old aunt. 3. Behind the seat can't have sat in the window, the may be bad for business boss. The wind attacks behind, often can let a person feel all day long back, in the long run, would disrupt the spirit, will shake - — Especially the woman was not determined. If it is in the cold wind, also easy to make the body out of balance, make people sick. And sunshine outside the window one back and get is backlit, also inhibit the vision. 4. Seat can't side of the desk on the right side of the door, a desk and door is oblique, traditional fengshui theory, it also made the desk decoration taboo, this may make your work interference, inefficient and unable to make decisions, it can also affect your health. Or a balance of Yin and Yang from the traditional geomantic learn to beauty, male for Yang qian, female for Yin, ju kun hexagrams, bearing in the south-west, kun as for the land has gave birth to all things, so should first consider female boss office location is located in the southwest of bearing is quite reasonable. 5. Not sitting near the aisle and the window if the desk is placed in the walkway or under the window, is to put the desk in various noisy environments, the outside ShaQi rushed in, can also often peer exchanges by the others, is no sense of privacy. Office furniture for 15 years focus whole producing custom office furniture enterprise, is committed to 'fashion simple, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, high-end atmosphere' of all series of office furniture, for enterprises to build exclusive fashion personality, contracted and modern office space. If your companies have just office furniture procurement requirements, might as well know about the office furniture, we will tailor exclusive for you free your office furniture overall solution welcome your enquiries: 400 - 028 - 1816
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