FAQ hotel furniture hotel furniture maintenance work

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-19
1, hotel furniture, hotel furniture, or bamboo with long meeting scale, salt water scrubbing, as well as decontamination, and make the soft resilient. 2, hotel furniture on fire prevention board to make tea tea set on the table, time will leave ugly patches of stains on tea table. This can be in tea sprinkled some water on the table, with tin foil paper to wipe the cigarette, then wash with water, can make the tea wash out. By using this method tea also has the same effect. Hot cup dish direct on furniture such as lacquer face, leaves very hot mark a circle of white, usually with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea can wipe wet dishcloth. Wipe gently with the iodine on very hot mark, or coated with a layer of petrolatum, lie between dishcloth of two days of reoccupy to wipe, very hot mark can be removed. 3, cigarette butts, ashes, or burning matches, so, sometimes in the left qiaogen furniture finish. If only surface burning, toothpicks can be hard on pack a layer of thin cloth and gently wipe traces, and then coated with a layer of wax, qiaogen be removed. 4, if hotel furniture paint scratches, not touch wood lacquer, furniture can be used with the same color crayon or paint, furniture of wound daub, covering exposed in the background, and then use thin transparent nail polish is coated with a layer of can.
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