Explain the table size, table space design seat size

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-20
Table depends on the size of the actual needs, but also combines the space shape of conference room to choose, should also consider the flow around the table and seat outside space. According to the principle of human body engineering, the edge of the table to the wall or other obstructions should be 122 cm, the minimum distance between the scale is the participants into the seat to sit and delegates from behind the seat by the necessary space. Table space in the number of seats should be calculated according to the dynamic size requirements of people, generally at least 25 cm distance between the two seats. Table size, table space seat size: the theatre or the classroom form layout for general assembly, the theatre or in the form of classroom seating arrangement is very ideal. About the space requirements of some empirical principle is as follows: ( 1) Less than 100 people, 12 to 13 per square foot ( 1. 1 to 1. 2 square meters) ; ( 2) From 100 to 300 people, the space can be reduced to 11 to 12 square feet ( 1. 0 to 1. 1 square meters) ; ( 3) More than half 300 people, the space can be reduced to 10 or 11 square feet ( 0. 93 to 1. 0 square meters) 。 Remember that a between two rows of chairs at least two feet apart. If less than two feet will be too crowded, it is unacceptable. If require participants to record or a table, a spokesman for the activity, the conference room should present the layout of the classroom. The classroom layout to require more space, because to put the table space into account. Table size, table space seat size: 60 large strip table if sit 60 people, can according to each of the length of about 70 cm, 60 people approximately 42 m, according to the proportion of 1:2, should be 14 m long. 7 m wide rectangular table. Table size, table space seat size: meeting room seating arrangement is best right high left low ( China practices) And right high left low ( International practice) , other lined, no. 1, no. 2 row seating arrangement on the right side of the meeting you can, as long as according to the following principles 1 row on the left side of the center seats, followed by the central above on both sides. That is to say, no. 2 centered at the same time, when the number of leadership is even: the first is high after low before. Table size, table space seat size: 3 - Six small table in the open office area, can also according to need to arrange small table 3 ~ 6 people convenient staff communication, traffic areas outside of this table form should also be reserved. On a table, put chairs around meeting of the board of directors of the seating arrangement is very suitable for small and information exchange. 3 - Six small table - Creative table for a separate meeting rooms, the room is decorated more selective. Hollow circular or square layout is put all the chairs face to face, for the land, the chair is put in the periphery. Also, this layout is conducive to the participants interaction. Horseshoe layout tables and chairs to arrange half oval, empty out at one end, usually empty out the end is the spokesman's direction. T distribution is the speaker stand at the top of the T word, namely the focal point. U or V layout is also a horseshoe seating arrangement, tables and chairs are put into a v-shaped, chair is still in the periphery, to form a focus. If there is a role playing, hollow circular or square layout, it is not a good choice, because cosplayers can't go into the middle space, can only climb from under the table, or even break the layout. The layout is very suitable for seminars and workshops, however, if the participants is more, you also can consider to place the second ladder chairs, forming double layout, it is more suitable for the number of board meetings or group meetings.
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