exercises to do at your office desk

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-18
The chair SquatsChair crouches down to exercise your hips and thighs.
What you want to do is go to the edge of the chair, place your feet firmly on the ground, stand up as usual, then sit down and Lean gently against the chair, barely touching it.
Repeat this for about 3 sets of 20. 2.
The second action I\'m going to explain to you is crunch.
This is good for your abs.
Continue to sit on the edge of the chair, as in the starting position where you squat, hold firmly on the side of the chair with your hand, make sure your back is straight, you sit high and now lean slightly back.
Keep this position, in the crunching action, you will lift your feet from the ground and keep them together, when you feel the abdomen tightening, put it there for two seconds and put them back on the ground, touch the ground a little and pick them up again.
20, 3 sets. 3.
Arm pump is a great desk workout to work on your shoulders and bicep.
You want to start with the arm bending and keep your elbows at shoulder height.
Your hand will be held in your fist and tightly squeezed together.
You will put your hands on your head so that they will hardly touch together at the top and put your elbows back to the starting point.
When you do this for about 30 seconds, you start to feel the burn.
To increase the difficulty, continue to take something from your desk and put it in your hands.
The stapler and tape dispenser work very well. 4.
This action will also work on your shoulders and bicep.
Most women are working on this so I think I will give you two ways to get rid of the flour on your desk.
Sit at your desk, with your feet on the ground, grab the edge of your desk, push yourself away from the table, and pull yourself back.
For this exercise, you will also need to have an leather office chair with wheels or you will not be able to move your body back and forth.
Do this exercise as much as possible and do what you feel comfortable.
After all these exercises, a good way to end it is to stretch it.
The purpose of this is to relax all the muscles you have just exercised.
Put your hands in front of you and wrap your fingers together.
Now press the palm forward so your arm is straight and lift your arm up towards the ceiling.
Tilt to the left so you can feel your body stretching on the right side and repeat the movement on the other side.
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