exercise ball vs. desk chair

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-13
In a gym or treatment setting, a fitness ball is useful to enhance your core muscles.
The inherent instability of a round is easy --to-
Rolling the exercise ball forces the core muscles to keep stabilizing your body as you hit the ball.
Big though.
Coaches like Bob Harper, the \"Biggest Loser\", support the use of fitness balls instead of tables and chairs, and some are still against the idea.
The size of the fitness ball is in centimeters in diameter.
Your height determines how big a ball you need.
For general sports applications, 45 cm of the ball is suitable for anyone with a height of 5 feet.
55 cm, 5 feet, 5 feet of the 5 inch ball set;
A 65 cm ball is suitable for 5 feet, 5 inch to 6 feet people;
For more than 75 cm people, 6 feet of the ball is appropriate. Hard-to-
Find 85 cm fitness balls for more than 6 feet, 8 inch people.
However, if you use a fitness ball as a chair, the University of Minnesota School of Promotion recommends that you use a bigger ball than your typical sport.
Therefore, for example, a person with a height of up to 5 feet will encounter a 55 cm fitness ball.
One of the biggest arguments against using a fitness ball as a table and chair is the lack of proper ergonomic adaptability and support for the ball-
According to its definition, \"stable \"--chair provides.
The functions of the ergonomic chair that the ball cannot provide include adjustable seat depth and angle, waist support and arm rest.
The ergonomic fitness ball cannot provide the same support as the ergonomic leather office chair.
After all, forcing your body to stabilize is part of the appeal if you use a ball instead of a chair.
But fitness balls should still be in line with the ergonomic principles of managing office chairs.
In order to test if your fitness ball makes you align correctly, you can sit on the ball at your desk, close your eyes, and adjust your head angle if necessary, so it is faced directly. Open your eyes.
You should look at the center of the computer screen.
If you don\'t, adjust the position of the screen or the ball chair.
Next, sit straight on the ball with your arms.
Bend your elbows, place your hands on your computer keyboard, and if there is no keyboard, on your desktop.
Your elbow should be 90-degree angle;
If not, you need to adjust the size of the fitness ball or desk accordingly.
Arguments against the use of fitness balls as tables and chairs include the risk of falling off the ball;
Excessive tension caused by continuous muscle movement;
In fact, a person can fall on a fitness ball as easily as in a chair;
Lack of support for people with back injuries;
And the potential risk of sudden deflation.
The main benefit of using a fitness ball as an leather office chair is that when your muscles work hard to stabilize your core, it will give you continuous core workouts, so even if you work at your desk, you will also get some exercise.
Simply rolling your fitness ball to a falling pin can cause it to suddenly deflate.
If you sit on it when this happens, it can cause serious damage.
Help reduce the risk of this happening by selecting a fitness ball that is clearly marked as punctureor burst-
Resist, or use SDS letters (
Slow Air System).
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