ever wonder where the furniture goes when a firm fails?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-04
It should be noted that a beautiful, clean carpaccio-
A red BMW driven by a man may not say why he came.
If he\'s Doug Ray, you \'d better have a look at your resume.
Doug will get the furniture. The Rays--
Father, son and uncle-
It is a variety of undertakers underta, or perhaps cemetery operators, hosting a series of huge troubles for the business.
They will buy used office furniture from anyone who wants to sell, which usually means the company is still vibrant and they just want to redecorate.
But now we are in recession.
The hard-working landscape of Southern California is littered with burned savings and ruins of bankruptcy, downsizing and dissolution.
The light is a furniture Forest Lawn for them.
Someone must do it.
Doug departs from their headquarters in Rosemead, walks around in his unlikely hearse, calls people all over the South to price office furniture.
He runs 2,000 miles a week and costs 10 to 20 cents a dollar.
He has a lot of goods.
\"I can\'t get in touch with Doug now,\" said Ralph Falcon . \" He bought second-hand furniture for cutting
Rate office warehouse, competitor ranch Dominguez.
\"We used to get together for lunch.
We have no time.
All we do is buy furniture everywhere.
\"If a used desk is an indicator, then the outlook for most of us will be grim.
But for Rays, who may be the largest used office furniture dealer in the region, bad times are almost a good thing.
They can buy cheap ones, and while they also have to sell cheap ones, more people turn to used furniture when they need to save money.
In any case, the light does not depend entirely on the recession.
When a fire broke out in the First Interstate Bank building in the city center, the light took away 70 trucks of furniture.
They are all very proud to get some elegant furniture from late Drexel Burnham Lambert, a felony securities company with 1980 of the money.
They are eager to unload these things as soon as possible.
\"I redo my office every week,\" said Doug\'s father, Bob . \"year-old silver-haired, chain-
Texas accent and Smoking Bishop recommended by General Shane
Auto salesman at Central Foundry
Aristale Cook missed the opportunity
The clubby chair we were in, all the red leather and rivets were sold.
You see, the light is not poetic.
They do not form emotional attachment to tables and chairs.
They did not lift a shabby Scotch whisky.
\"Alas, poor Dreiser, we know them very well.
\"Although the light was weak, they believed in the resurrection.
After all, the idea is not to bury what they bought, but to resell it.
The last thing they want is their Abe company. (
Address and business equipment
When Bob started 30 years ago)
Be the last resting place for anything.
So the light will not buy anything old.
When Bob went to the Herald
In order to price the furniture, he could almost feel the ghosts of past stories.
But what he won\'t even bid for is too outdated.
On the other hand, when Gibraltar\'s savings fail, the light will dissipate.
The light was ready to bid when the imperial savings went bankrupt.
Bob is still nagging Doug about getting something from Lincoln department store, which has closed down. ;
He felt that Abe would gain some prestige from the notoriety of former Lincoln master Charles H. Keating Jr.
Visit any of rays\'s huge warehouses-
125,000 square feet under the roof-
It is to understand the history of office furniture since Jetson.
Tables and chairs are stacked on the ceiling and arranged around the walls.
A lot of things are really new, from some splurge S & L; just yesterday.
But there are also a lot of molded plastic flip covers decorated in colors drawn with the Melmac palette ---
Persimmon, avocado, gold harvest-
In this era of black matte and cherry wood, it\'s easy to forget how popular chrome used to be.
Rays tried the new furniture, but it was almost the same as their own customers, so now they mainly sell used furniture.
They hate Depreciation and buy second-hand things.
Doug\'s BMW, which has now traveled 200,000 miles, is in use.
So is Bob\'s Cadillac.
There are also second-hand things at home.
They may have used furniture in their blood.
Bob\'s brother Bill is a salesman.
Doug\'s brother Michael has a competitive company in Ontario.
But they all get along very well.
Doug said he was sometimes asked to act cautiously, especially at the end of the month.
\"Some companies are clearing overnight, so they ask me not to disclose who I am,\" he explained . \".
If necessary, the light will take things away on Sundays or holidays.
The saddest thing is the company that light heard twice: one when they were full of hope, bought some furniture from Bob and Doug, and later, when they wanted to buy back the light.
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