Enterprise office furniture feng shui put what what problems will be considered

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-23
Theory of feng shui is a door left by the predecessors' studies and worthy of xuan, all aspects of construction activity in China has a certain reference value, whether it is a building site, or indoor household Settings and put, the top of feng shui to have relevant interpretation and Suggestions, so that the company have a good luck in the future, commonly known as for a good heat. Feng shui is a rather faith it, not believe its no metaphysical theory, now more and more enterprise boss, paid attention to the feng shui of office leather office couch design and layout problem. The above franktechfurniture furniture introduce everyone to enterprise office leather office couch feng shui put what what issues will be considered. , desk doesn't face the gate entrance to the offices of principle is the main place to air circulation, feng shui theory of destiny is, house type and fortunes in place. And the gate is the entrance of the office exhaust and fortunes. Put the desk in the front door, easy blocking access to type and fortunes, and sitting in this position, will also be this powerful air place, easy to make it work distraction, to improve office efficiency is very bad. For office space is limited, hard to avoid not facing the door, the desk at this time put a screen or between the two green plants, can be very good to avoid collision with the aura, at the same time also can improve the using efficiency of space. But for the leadership of the office, office space, office desks and chairs should be the location of placed away from the place, so as to ensure the comfort level of the office. Besides can't face the door, office desks and chairs can't face the pillars of the house can't move upright objects, such as feng shui theory, a theory is that, in the face of pillars is just like give a person with a humbling, office workers easy to careless in their careers, and at the same time there will be a headache or brain fatigue. Two, desk after relying on principles will have depend on the position of the desk is put in the back, there are two aspects of meaning in geomantic theory, on the one hand is sitting in this position, will have a noble career to the rescue, provide strong backing force, have promoted the possibility of a wage increase; Is adumbrative company bright future on the other hand, the possibility of future business to broaden is very big, there will be possible to create more profit. On the contrary, if there is no rely on desk, on the one hand can make the staff weak, at the same time also will incur person, can't get along with other colleagues, vulnerable people. Companies in the industry, on the other hand, based on the difficulties, and no potential partners rallies. In everyday life, such as the wall, desk, filing cabinets, safe, can be as desk & other; Support & throughout; 。 Three, office desks and chairs back to Windows and doors principle facing the office doors and Windows, office workers would feel uneasy, easily upset, and then affect the office efficiency. Put this way at the same time, can't give employees a relatively quiet working environment, privacy is bad, the recommended screen desk for you. Other Windows position is air flow inside of the building, his back to the door and sit, back easily by the wind cold, in the long term, the employees will be more and more weak. So we put in office desks and chairs, must try to avoid these location.
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