easy office chair facelift!

by:Frank Tech     2019-10-18
Office chairs can be used and abused in large quantities, causing them to look very tired and monotonous after a short period of time.
Usually, they bring boring upholstery fabrics (
Navy, black and more Navy)
Not with your super gridInteresting personality!
There are many reasons to reconsider.
Upper your office chair.
I am here to tell you that it is very simple and can be done in an hour or two.
I had a great office chair but had too much lunch on my desk and the cover was stained.
I have some fabric and some spare time which is what happened!
I chose some light upholstery fabrics.
Choose something that is not too light in color, otherwise it will show dirt faster.
In addition, make sure your fabric is durable enough to withstand the use seen by the chair.
Decorative fabrics, woolen cloth, interior decorative fabrics, and even premium decorative fabrics
The quality quilting cotton is a good choice.
I dump it on my workbench and see what I\'m doing.
If you\'re a purist
Or actual decorator *)
You can use awl and pliers to remove the old staples and make your pattern with the lid.
This is a tedious and laborious step, to be honest, for a department store chair that has gone through several covers, I just wanted to fix it quickly!
I chose not to remove the lid and just go up with the new one.
* If you are a real decorator, you will not read \"simple office chair facelift \".
There are two screws to put the chair back on the rod
Something attached to the seat.
I removed the screws and the lid fell.
It was dirty so I scrubbed it.
Of course this step is optional, but what kind of dirty bag would you be if you didn\'t clean it up!
I mean, come on.
I started from my seat.
I focused it on the fabric and made sure I had enough time to pull up and cover the edges and nails in a place where the cover was bound.
Give yourself a lot of fabric and don\'t cut off the extra fabric.
You never know you might need it and you can\'t turn it back on once it\'s cut off. This is the step.
Get the stapler!
I used some regular five-gold stapler. Nothing fancy.
First put a staple food in the middle of both sides.
One staple food in front and one in the back.
Stretch the fabric to make sure there are no wrinkles or folds.
Your four staples should hold the fabric strong.
From there on, gradually move towards the corner and make some staple food on both sides.
Don\'t make all the staples while you are.
Do four or five, then turn, and do four or five next to it.
When you get to the corner, pull the fabric well and tight when you bind.
Make sure you keep binding without leaving any gaps.
Don\'t be cheap, they\'re just Staples!
Trim off the excess fabric.
It\'s not necessarily pretty because it\'s the bottom that no one will see.
I did hit some of the wrong staples with a hammer that refused to enter all the way.
The strange staple food below disturbed the staple food I put in.
Do the same thing for the back of the chair you do for the seat and replace the back cover of the chair.
Put it back on your office chair, step back and admire your handmade work!
Isn\'t it easy and fun?
After all the binding, my hands were a little sore and tired, but the warm glow of DIY made the pain go away!
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