Different regional environment of office furniture should be how to maintain?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-25
Many enterprises in order to make indoor office leather office couch has a long service life, attaches great importance to the maintenance problem of furniture. But everyone in the maintenance process will often ignore a problem, is the office furniture of environment in different regions of the maintenance methods are different. Root cause is different climatic features of regional environment, such as the south and the north although the winter is cold, but the north air drier, and the south are relatively humid air. So different regional environment of office furniture, specific how should maintain? Method summarized the following franktechfurniture furniture for your reference. Maintenance method, when the seasons office furniture of all the year round in the area of the change of temperature and relative humidity is differ, and in the process of the change, material on the surface of the office furniture is one of the most affected. Because most of the office furniture surface material is wood or leather, the moisture in the air to pass of the exchange of material surface gap and internal moisture moisture balance to keep the furniture inside deformation in the process of use. Therefore, when season change, we should pay attention to indoor air circulation, don't put furniture more moisture in the humid environment or too dry place. At the same time the indoor temperature in constant in 18 ~ 25 degrees c, humidity is around 40%, the environment is the best place for wood and leather furniture. Second, the most timely remove office furniture on the surface of the material will be carved wooden office furniture surface process, long time did not clean the surface dust, the small aperture will accumulate in the impurities, the serious influence is beautiful and the service life of furniture. So we need to remove the dust on the surface of the furniture in time, using the cotton cloth to wipe with better quality of smooth surface of the wood furniture, groove with soft wool brush to remove. For after painting processing of leather office couch to avoid by all means use organic solvent such as gasoline wipe. In addition, the smooth surface of office furniture, which can also be waxing processing, enhancement of gloss, at the same time, also more convenient to wipe. Three, office furniture, also want to do a good job moisturizing especially wooden office furniture, its surface moisture content must be at a constant interval. Long time can make the surface of the water loss, the use of the process to appear crack foaming phenomenon, then we want to keep hydrated woodiness furniture surface, we usually think of method is to use touch water towel to wipe, but the effect is not very good. This case maintenance, should choose dedicated to office furniture care of essential oils evenly on the surface, can better lock the moisture in wood furniture, so that the new office furniture are durable, day.
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