Desktop filing cabinets classification techniques and methods

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-24
Sitting in my office every working very hard. The problem is to sort out the filing cabinet. If do not have the habit of finishing, finishing in a half of the time will be very trouble. Some friends can't get started, accumulated a lot of files. Therefore, if there is a great way to arrange, for everyone is a special pleasure. Next, to introduce the desktop filing cabinets classification techniques and put methods, welcome to collect. A, time sequence, there are two time sequence, from past to now, from now to the past. Usually the file now, the bottom of the past. This year, for example, the file at the top, below last year's file. Classification will not go wrong in chronological order, also won't mess up. In addition, important files can be found on the importance and the time sequence and at the same time. Second, desktop files should be classified and placed in a file cabinet file cabinet decorated the second trick is, all files in the file cabinet are classified and placed, the documents in the contract should not be put together with the report. Sales files should not be mixed together with submit an expense account files, files of different departments should not be put together, a different customer files and cannot be put together. Three, the necessary number of filing cabinet is the most important is to do the necessary number, in order to prevent digital confusion. According to the number of sorting is a method of high efficiency, time and energy. If there are many documents filing cabinets, you can add a few Numbers. For example, A1, A2, b1, b2 and so on. 4, different color tag desktop filing cabinets of the fourth arrangement method is to use a different color tag, with obvious color mark important documents. The same file using the same color, same category files can also use the same color. Five, the file in a timely manner to sort out there must be all kinds of files in the file cabinet, and there are a lot of, so be clear in time, also want to know how to throw away, some useless files can be thrown away, but throwing files can throw away, don't get rid of important file! Desktop file cabinet arrangement is not a day or two days, need to adhere to. I can't arrange today. Tomorrow will bring me the file, and then put them into this mess. Recommended for use plate file cabinets, be careful when finishing, don't careless, otherwise we are in vain, to pack up!
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