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by:Frank Tech     2020-09-05
About an office worker, sitting on the work modern office table every day in the face of monotonous work, hard to avoid pressure in the heart, a lot of people love their work table is put some green plants, one is to absorb the harmful gas air conditioning, on the other hand can regulate mood, but very few people would mind working on the surface of the modern office table plants can also affect a person's fate and feng shui. So what should be put above office leather office couch plants appropriate? Put method: according to your own five lines of xi cream in their own work desk suitable bearing plants to put above, see his like cream flowers and direction, to prevent the plant put into their own cream, make their own luck. Don't go to decorate: some grade of plants, such as kumquat, rich tree, it will have & other; Goods & throughout; 、“ Ji & throughout; Wish, such as not easy to get rid of the above is decorated, if remove the ribbon will bring dangers to oneself. Species selection: cactus, Boston ivy plant, if put in the uncomfortable position easy to give yourself in trouble, starting by nagging, the leader position will be instead of, make a mean person, barbed flowers such as roses, roses, tulips, is generally wish love flowers, if put the thorny roses or an odd number of flowers, I'm afraid that the rare fate, some do not pay attention to the & lsquo; Small thorn & rsquo; Let you brought fly alone. So also carefully consider in choosing plant species. Plant maintenance: if the plant leaf withered and yellow, is bound to take the yellow trim off in time, or else the plants withered and yellow gas, let oneself natives also have involved, presents the declining fortunes of phenomenon; If have the flowers and plants of is about to die, must not lose, tried to transplant some exuberant plants, to replace the dead plants. Days without careful everywhere, small work to also want to do your best, not just plant selection and maintenance, common insist tidy desks can do efficient work power, and then to get twice the result with half the effort effect.
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