Desk to raise the four high levels of the 'small pot' in appearance, make office more elegant! 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-04
To improve yourself a office niche, improve work efficiency. Most white-collar clan will be at your desk to raise a few high level 'small pot' in appearance, already can purify air, alleviate the fatigue of work, also can help to office life becomes more refined. Today small make up to introduce several good furniture to raise plants, able to bear or endure look desk to depict more yangxin! 1. Celestial being celestial being a thorn, keep well can still bright, the beautiful flowers, help to prevent radiation, adsorption dust, purify air, release oxygen. Grow like sunny, warm, dry environment, heat resistant to drought, afraid of cold, afraid of waterlogging, acidic soil, has a tenacious vitality. 2. Other money plant, also known as the devil cane, devil's ivy, etc. , is a very easy to feed of common green plants, vitality is strong, have the effect of the adsorption impurities, purify indoor air space. Other like warm, humid, and the scattering light enough ventilation environment. 3. Watercress watercress green green, also known as pepper grass, leafy green jasper, leaf blade broadly elliptic, looks spirit and delicate. At ordinary times can put it in a warm environment, scattered light enough desk, not only purify air, also helps relieve eye fatigue and radiation protection. 4. Bracketplant chlorophytum, also known as folding cranes and air guards, etc. , not only appearance is elegant, and conducive to purify air, absorb electrical appliances, plastic products of carbon monoxide, nitrogen, peroxide remove smoking nicotine, decomposition by emissions of benzene and other harmful substances, such as copy machine. Above is the small make up for the share of furniture desk today will have the 4 kinds of high level in appearance of small potted related knowledge, if you need to get to know more information office furniture customization, please concern furniture's official website. Service hotline: 400 028 - 1816
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