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by:Frank Tech     2020-08-04
With office furniture market has developed rapidly, each big office furniture manufacturers have developed many kinds of new style, which leads to the customer in the office furniture of choose and buy when selected for desk style too much. Different style desk price is not the same, although some desk surface seems to be about the same, but the price difference is very big, exactly what factors affect the price of the desk? Small make up to you on next: 1. The stand or fall of material: furniture material is one of the key directly decided to office furniture prices, this point in the manufacturing on his desk. Such as solid wood desk desk with the ordinary plate or steel price will be higher than many. 2. Desk design is one of the key determinants of its price, if your desk is just using the fashionable element in the market and the so-called trend to carry on the design and manufacture, then the price of this desk is generally not high, but if in the market had never seen a similar desk, is designed by internationally renowned architects, the desk even if the material is not high grade material, but the price is not higher than the grade of the material table prices low. 3. Brand office furniture brand is also can bring certain influence to furniture price. Desk brand is too large when will inevitably lead to increased price, after all brand maintenance, product costs are costs, but the brand office furniture for customers to provide security and service is very good, which in fact is the cost of office furniture, so it is only natural that the relatively higher price. Focus on 15 years of high-end office furniture customization overall planning, five-star selection standard, use five years to keep the primary level, sealing side process, mercedes-benz grade quality of craftsmanship. And have professional designers and project managers come to measure design, providing differentiated solutions, for you to choose from, at the same time provide free door-to-door installation services, 5 years quality assurance, clinch a deal at a time, lifelong maintenance. Service hotline: 400 028 - 1816.
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