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by:Frank Tech     2020-06-20
The phrase \"back injury work\" is usually associated with Labor that requires weight lifting and long sun exposure.
However, as the world enters the digital age, most of the \"post-break jobs\" occur behind the table.
At first glance, the work behind the modern executive desk seems to be physically easy, but this is not the case.
It is shocking that many businessmen and women have pain in the back, shoulders and neck.
The hours sitting in the uncomfortable leather office chair became more troublesome due to poor posture.
What can be done to alleviate some of the pain suffered by hard workers of this era?
Let\'s take a moment to consider the importance of keeping the office space ergonomic.
First, let\'s consider the word ergonomics.
It comes from two Greek words, the first of which is ergon, meaning work.
The second one is nomoi, which literally means the law of nature.
The purpose of having an ergonomic office space is to be able to work according to the natural laws of our lives.
For example, a modern executive desk may look beautiful and even come with a heavy price tag, but if it doesn\'t fit the natural laws of your body, it will be bad for them.
In the world of office furniture, all furniture is not equal.
Many desks have a long list of features that take precedence over ergonomics.
The importance of design, style, special features, cost control, and size can be so much watched that how the executive desk works with your body is forgotten.
So how do you know that you get a table that makes your work enjoyable and not broken?
Here are the things to note when making this important investment in your office furniture and overall health.
Appropriate distance from the computer
Your desk should allow proper space between your eyes and the computer screen, while also allowing a similar distance between your eyes and the documents at the reception desk.
This will allow your eyes to make simple adjustments as they go from paper documents to the screen.
Easy access to drawers and documents
Anything that you often come into contact with during the day should be easily accessible.
Stretching your hand regularly during the day can cause damage to tendons, joints and muscles.
Suitable height
A suitable table should be at a height suitable for your work.
If you see a customer from a standing position, your table should have a level of layering to meet this need.
You should always be able to keep your feet firmly on the floor while you are sitting.
Keeping yourself at the right height will help reduce the pressure on the lower back.
Plenty of surface space
It is important that your modern executive desk provides you with enough space to make your mobile phone and any other documents or documents readily available when needed.
When your desk space is limited, you will find yourself crowded, which can cause a strain on your neck and shoulders.
With some thinking and attention you can do a lot to make your workspace safe and comfortable!
Finding a reliable solution for the modern office furniture modern office furniture desk not only supports operation of the entire system but also enhance the beauty of your workplace.
Foshan Frank Tech Furniture Co., Ltd.’s mission is to provide high quality care and services to our members and to be profitable in the process.
There are different types of , mainly modern office furniture desk and modern office furniture desk.
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