Decorate Your Home With Marble Inlay Table Tops

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-12
One of the most attractive works of art from marble is \"marble mosaic.
The decoration of the Taj Mahal and other Mughal monuments is the same.
It is a well-protected traditional art that only a few experts can find today.
Exquisite processes include hand-cutting and engraving of marble shapes.
First, a predefined pattern e. g.
A floral or geometric pattern is engraved on a marble board.
Small pieces of marble in different shades are carefully cut to fit precisely in these grooves.
These small pieces then slide in the groove.
In addition to marble, many other materials can also be used for exquisite gems, which begin with a studio in Florence, Italy, at the end of the 16 th century.
This is the so-called pitadura. (
Petrola = Stone, hard-eningal = hard)
The Italian created a classic art form and monopolized it.
Starting from 1630, pietra dura appears on small movable objects, as decorative plates, with Bird and floral patterns, for the front and desktop of the cabinet.
Some of them soon arrived at Mughal in the form of a gift.
Of all the Mughal emperors, Shah Jahan was India\'s greatest patron of architecture.
For him to create lasting, eternal architectural beauty and be remembered through it forever, there is not much money or time.
It was in his building that it was felt most necessary to link Mughal art to pitadura.
The Taj Mahal, the monument of the emperor and his wife, the main floor and the surrounding marble railings are very similar to the shape of pitadura.
Marbel tabel tops have different shapes such as round, rectangular, oval, square and octagonal.
On the marble table top, Makrana marble is used as a white base and Kudappa stone is used as a black base.
Other bases can be applied according to buyer\'s request.
There are more than 30 kinds of natural stone and semi-natural stone on the marble table
Gems Make the mosaic design look more natural and charming.
Tables, conference tables, center tables, side tables, coffee tables, counter tables, etc. can be inlaid with marble countertops.
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