Custom office furniture was most afraid of is what problem?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-31
Most of the enterprises when choosing furniture, like custom office furniture, because the office space is different, choose the furniture of the spot size of the problems, so relatively speaking, the custom furniture is better. However, custom furniture in buying is also a lot of problems. So everybody when custom furniture, the most afraid of what what problems? Recommended reading: custom office furniture should be considered clear place what custom wirecutter office chair, the most worried about is the material and accessories, for it is a custom wirecutter office chair, solely to the furniture factory to material and production, consumers are generally not to participate in any one link. But, after on the furniture, can appear all sorts of problems, especially the fittings are not original, is produced by other manufacturers, maintenance. Second concern is the environmental protection question, although said that custom office furniture price is more expensive, but if the other party is to choose environmental protection material, the consumer is not known, only got the furniture, acrid smell peculiar smell, can determine the furniture of environmental protection. But this time, it was too late. In addition, there is a problem is also plagued by the vast number of consumers, a lot of custom wirecutter office chair is according to the size of the customers to customize, so have a problem, can repair, but can't return, this is the biggest. If the custom furniture is sent to the hands of consumers, but found that is improper, the send to repair, delay time is a waste of energy. So, while custom office home has many benefits, but there are also a lot of criticism. At the time of choosing custom furniture, for size problem must verify the clear, next to the requirement of selection is also want to clear, must be choose environmental protection material, cannot excessive amounts of formaldehyde content. And above the contract of the custom, you must write clear, if do not conform to the requirements, can return, so as to protect their own interests are not damaged. This article by Michael jarno office furniture WWW. mayajj。 Com original, reproduced please indicate! 800 x600正常0 7。 0 2假假假EN - 8磅 美国古银 CN X - 没有MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 / *样式定义* /表。 MsoNormalTable{ 美索- 风格—— Name: ordinary form; 美索- tstyle - rowband - 大小:0; 美索- tstyle - colband - 大小:0; 美索- 风格—— noshow:是的; 美索- 风格—— 优先级:99; 美索- 风格—— parent:''; 美索- 填充, alt:0cm 5. 4 pt 0 5厘米。 4pt; 美索- para- 保证金:0厘米; 美索- para- 保证金, 底部:。 0001pt; 美索- 分页:寡妇- 孤儿; font- 大小:10。 0pt; font- 家庭:Times New Roman,衬线; }
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