Custom office furniture to observe the environmental protection and material technology

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-01
The price of real wood you are well known, but it is much cheaper than real wood plank, it also makes the board office furniture is a come out by the choice of many people, especially some of the mass customization enterprise customer preference. Explain today will give you the order of office furniture to observe environmental protection and material technology. In order of office furniture, environmental protection of the index I put it in the end, but he is the most important thing in a piece of wirecutter office chair, furniture of environmental protection index for use; Board type furniture, in particular, because during the process of pressing board type furniture, will add certain chemicals in the base material, this is formaldehyde, if the formaldehyde to exceed bid, will release toxic gas in the process of you use, at the same time to damage your body. They value cheap price, more can guarantee can be in the range of the budget, and office wirecutter office chair for customers mainly is to corporate customers, so it also makes the plate manufacture of office wirecutter office chair to sell well in the market. A, office furniture process solid wood veneers and stickers cost difference is huge, if true, shoddy, is typical of the fraud. Stickers process can be observed through classes Taiwan peripheral sealing side, namely sticker office desk side wood grain texture with modern office table is consistent and no real wood sealing side, broken, because the factory usually use paper folding edge sealing side directly. According to ergonomics principle to design the leather office chair, on the structure can better coordinated with human body physiology curve, the extension of the best state, make the gravity evenly dispersed, very comfortable and also won't affect the health of the body, one day also won't feel too tired. Second, office furniture, environmental protection material purchasing office desk top leadership is needed more care products used by the material. Big companies when choosing office furniture, material requirements for the product will be higher, environmental protection plate and outstanding work are quite concerned. In addition, office desk system breaks through traditional, use of technology to inject more elements and the design of reflect consumer grade temperament, the preference of the consumers give more makes sense. And the solid two kinds of characteristics of steel, integrated the low price, is the high price of office furniture. Note also office furniture custom performance requirements, especially the plate sheet because most do not use of environmental protection paint, can produce formaldehyde and other harmful only glue, but as a desk on the edge are tight sealing side, the release of free formaldehyde.
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