Cortex what varieties of office sofa, what is the distinguishing feature of coriaceous sofa

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-21
Leather office sofa with high quality boss desk, leather office chair, filing cabinets, safe and often put in the office or the boss's office in the company's top leaders, on the one hand, represents the image of the company, on the other hand also provides the user with the different situations demand, and a symbol of taste and cultural connotation. Enterprise environment layout in the quality and grade of office sofa, also represents the characteristics of the different position. Leather office sofa cause high-end atmosphere, elegant fashion, comfortable and relaxed, be accepted by the boss. Then the cortex office sofa what varieties in foshan wirecutter office chair market, what is the distinguishing feature of coriaceous sofa? Enterprise procurement staff at the time of purchase should be according to the demand to choose suitable office sofa? First you have to know the following franktechfurniture furniture, authors summarize the characteristics of the sofa, read together! A office sofa, office sofa or the original green husk, pure green husk characteristics of this kind of office sofa use the best material in the material is all green husk, using the finest leather embryo, has the extremely good stretching resistance, high toughness and strong scalability, stable, appearance is not easy to damage, properties, etc. Office sofa production process, is very strict in all aspects, is required to make good on this kind of material process too much, but in general this type of leather, can not have too much obvious scars and burrs, so this kind of raw material source is very scarce. With its production office sofa has the high comfort, and perfect appearance, modelling design is very delicate, but the price is more expensive. When choosing office sofa here, try to find a trustworthy brand manufacturers cooperation. Two, the characteristics of the whole green husk office sofa whole green husk office sofa materials used in different from pure green husk office sofa, its through some polishing processing, cortical appearance has a light scratch marks, but does not affect the quality of the whole leather. Characteristic is to feel is smooth, and has good iuster, close skin texture is very soft, and has good air permeability, is the top grade leather. Depending on the production technology, but also into full green new USES, full Chinese tallowtree seed oil skin, saddle leather, etc. Mostly come from the abroad, average price is on the high side. Three, embossing leather ( A green husk) Office sofa here the characteristics of the office after the raw materials finely grinding process, and then meet with multi-layer paint after a layer of special particles on pressure lines, to cover the surface of the scratch and burr. Make good leather surface pore, no good coloring, few scratches, etc. This type of leather characteristic is different from the above two, its hard texture, convenient and clean the surface of dust and debris. Market in most of the office this leather sofa is used as the primary material, for small and medium-sized enterprise office wirecutter office chair, that the choice of a high cost performance. Everybody when coriaceous sofa of choose and buy, in order to guarantee the quality of the products, avoid to buy cheaper products. After all, you get what you pay for, different leather determines its price. Franktechfurniture furniture suits and hope everybody can get good quality office sofa!
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