convertible high chairs recalled

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-07
The following recall was announced: Convertible high chair details: Convertible high chair issued by Evenflo Inc.
Vicksburg, Ohio;
Toys \"R\" USA and Wal-Mart stores are sold nationwide and online at Wal-Mart. Com and Wayfair.
Com between December 2011 and June 2012.
Evenflo high chair can be converted from high chair to toddler
Size of table and chair.
There are three models of the recalled convertible high chair: Doti lime, Doti Ross and Mariana.
The model is located on the label on the lower part of one leg of the high chair.
The high chair is made in China.
Reason: The activity tray on the high chair can be accidentally separated, so that an unrestrained child can fall down and pose a danger to the child.
Event: Evenflo received 18 reports of tray shedding, including 8 reports of children falling off the high chair and continuing to experience minor injuries.
How much: about 35,000 in the United States.
For more information: contact Evenflo Tel: 800-233-
5921 between 8: 00 Monday and Friday. m. through 5 p. m.
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