Conagra, Cracker Barrel, Herman Miller, Pier 1, Rite Aid Report Earnings

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-27
NEW YORK (TheStreet)-
One of the five major retail
Of the companies that reported earnings on Wednesday or Thursday, the most profitable is Rite Aid (RAD -Get Report)
So far, it has grown by 27%.
The biggest loser is the import of Pier 1 (PIR -Get Report)down 35% year-to-date.
Here are today\'s profile and the next two \"calculated numbers\" tables.
ConagraFoods (CAG -Get Report)($32. 35)
Quarterly results were released before the opening of Thursday, and analysts expect the packaged food company to announce the results --per-
Share of 35 cents.
The stock traded at $32. 88 on Sept.
In today\'s first \"calculated numbers\" table, these five moving averages are the most important.
The weekly chart is positive, but overbought with five pictures-
The weekly revised moving average is $31. 87.
The value level is $29 per month and year. 12 and $22.
The annual turnover is $32 respectively.
The risk level is $33 per half year. 61 and $35. 74.
Biscuit Barrel (CBRL -Get Report)($103. 45)
Quarterly results released before the opening of Wednesday, analysts expect China-
Report the fashion food and beverage chain of EPS $1. 57.
The stock traded at $104.
52 Monday, above all five moving averages in today\'s first table.
The five-week chart is positive.
MMA Zhou: $100. 90.
The value level is $100 per half year and month. 76 and $88.
Risk levels are $105 per half year and quarter. 65 and $119.
12 respectively.
Herman Miller (MLHR -Get Report)($30. 37)
Reporting quarterly results after Wednesday\'s close, analysts expect office furniture suppliers to report 46 cents per share in earnings.
The stock hit a multi-year intraday high of $32.
In June 6, the price was as low as $28. 24 on August 4.
In today\'s first table, the stock is also higher than all five moving averages.
The five-week chart is positive. $30 week MMA. 21.
Weekly and annual value levels are $29. 23 and $21.
It is $60 respectively and $30 per month.
The risk level is $32 per half year. 04 and $32. 37.
Pier 1 Imports($14. 90)
Quarterly results were released after Wednesday\'s close, with analysts expecting the home retailer to report earnings of 13 cents per share.
Shares below 200day SMA at $22. 41 on Jan.
The deal was as low as $14.
On August 1, the stock was below all five moving averages in today\'s first table.
The weekly chart is negative, but with five-$15 weekly MMA. 40.
$11 a month.
The annual turnover is 87 of $15.
Risk levels are $23 per quarter and half a year. 92 and $26.
33, respectively. Rite Aid($6. 42)
Quarterly results were released before Thursday\'s opening, and analysts expect the pharmacy chain to report earnings per share of 6 cents. The stock hit a multi-year intraday high of $8.
Trading fell to $6 in June 4.
10 below its 200 in August 8-day SMA at $6. 59.
Given that the close of the week is higher than five weeks, the weekly chart turns positive-week MMA at $6. 56.
The value level is $5 per week and half a year. 90 and $5.
The quarterly and monthly risk levels were $7, respectively. 03 and $8.
38 respectively.
Calculate numbers with Richard sutmeier: moving averages and random tables. This table provides the technical status of the stocks described in today\'s report.
The 12-month tracking price-to-income ratio of dividends has five moving average headings: Five-
Weekly corrected moving average, 21-
Simple daily moving average, 50-
Daily simple moving average line 200-
Simple daily moving average and 200-
Simple moving average for weeks.
Columns marked with 12x3 weeks slow random show the pattern on the chart for each week, reading from oversold, up, overbought, down or flat.
Explanation: stocks below the moving average are listed in red. Five-
Weekly corrected moving average (MMA)
Is one of the two indicators that define whether the weekly chart profile is positive, neutral or negative.
The other is a slow and random state of 12 × 3 weeks.
Stocks with positive technical ratings are five-
Weekly MMA of rising or overbought random factors.
Stocks with a negative technical rating are below five-
Random sales drop or oversold week MMA.
Stocks with neutral technical ratings have non-positive or negative profiles. The 200-
Weekly simple moving average (SMA)
Considered a long term
The term technical support or resistance, as well as the \"regression average\" within three to five years of rolling \". The 21-
The Daily simple moving average is short-
The term technical support or resistance used by many hedge fund traders to adjust positions.
Its stocks above 21-
On the horizon of three to five days of rolling, SMA days may be higher and vice versa. The 50-
The Daily simple moving average is also the technical support or resistance used by many strategists and commentators on financial TV. The 200-
The Daily simple moving average is another technical support or resistance and I think this level is shorter
In the 6 to 12 months of scrolling, the term \"regression average \".
Calculate numbers with Richard sutemel: revenue & Where to Buy & Where to sell this table shows EPS estimates, including dates before or after the close, where to buy weaknesses, where is the advantage.
Calculate the value level, pivot and risk level based on the closing of the last nine weeks (W)
Nine Months (M)
Nine quarter closing (Q)
Close 9 times every six monthsS)
And closed for nine years (A).
I have a column of Pivot, which is the magnet for the period shown.
The column on the left side of the pivot is the first and second value levels.
The columns on the right side of the pivot are the first and second risk levels.
Investors who want to buy stocks should useuntil-
GTC limit orders were canceled to purchase weaknesses to the value level.
Investors who want to sell shares should use the GTC limit order to sell the power to the risk level.
At the time of publication, the author did not hold a position in any of the above shares.
The article represents the views of the contributors and does not necessarily represent the views of the streets or editors.
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