computer ergonomics: office chairs, keyboard, and mouse

by:Frank Tech     2019-10-14
Computer ergonomics, also known as office ergonomics, refers to the combination of office chairs, keyboards, mice, etc. that are ergonomic designed to achieve maximum comfort.
In today\'s office environment, ergonomics has become a necessity for sitting in front of the computer for a long time, especially in the prevention of wrist tunnel syndrome (CTS)
Due to poorly designed furniture such as office chairs and computer accessories such as keyboard and mouse, headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, etc.
\"Office Ergonomics\" and \"computer ergonomics\" are often used alternately, and they usually refer to ergonomic office chairs, keyboard trays, mice, tables, stools, and so on.
Thus, this makes the term \"ergonomics\" an integral part of Office terminology.
Obviously, since people sit in office chairs every day, it is not only comfortable but also ergonomic for most of the day.
This chair helps protect your lower back by providing support for the waist.
In addition, their design allows you to place your feet firmly on the floor while sitting on the floor.
In addition to sufficient back support, the height of these chairs is usually adjustable, and there are five legs for stability.
When sitting fully in an ergonomic chair, the waist should be in contact with the back, with both feet flat on the floor.
The ideal sitting position is upright, the hips are placed at a 90 degree angle, and the arms are able to hang naturally on both sides.
Handrails are usually optional and adjustable.
If they get in the way of approaching the table, the handrails should be removed.
When sitting in a chair, the hand should be in the same straight line as the forearm, so that when the finger is placed in the front row of the keyboard, the wrist is straight.
The executive chair is usually equipped with padded armrests and backrest.
They usually also have a relatively high back.
Most of the interactions with the computer use the keyboard and mouse.
When the keyboard and mouse are used for extended periods of time, especially when the hand is in an awkward position, I. e.
Bending to one side, down, or up can lead to muscle and bone diseases such as wrist tube syndrome, tendon sheath inflammation, and tendonitis.
So now these devices have a variety of ergonomic designs.
Here are some of the features that an ergonomic mouse should have: to achieve this, the digital keyboard is separate in some computer keyboards, allowing the mouse to approach the keyboard.
Some keyboards also feature features such as TouchPad, touch point or trackball, which reduces the need to use the mouse frequently.
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