Compared with the traditional office furniture modern office furniture, what are the different differences? 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-10
With the high-speed development of society, science and technology level unceasing enhancement, the office furniture industry developed more and more variety of styles, in general, such is the modern office furniture and office furniture both traditional style, and the differences of these two kinds of style and evolution, from the 1760 s, is also the first industry leap period, but also can have similar modern tradition, or a mixture of modern and elegant style, it makes a lot of people can't understand the difference of traditional and modern office furniture, so, the modern office furniture difference compared with the traditional office furniture will have what different? 1. Material from the material point of view, the traditional office furniture is given priority to with real wood, look more composed atmosphere, but in the modern society, due to various factors, led to the lack of wood office furniture is very so manufacturer to find another way to start with a lot of material to make the office furniture, modern office furniture is much by glass, metal, plate and so on new material made of, not only enhances the office furniture fashion, make furniture looks more life breath, modern office furniture more green environmental protection. 2. Function are considered in traditional design office furniture in the design refinement and symmetry, and the modern office furniture structure is relatively simple, integrated into the 'healthy' element, leather office chair, for example, the concept of human body engineering mechanics throughout almost in every detail. In response to the south of the hot weather, cushion is LvKong design more, use the material such as linen, PC; Back of a chair is given priority to with back joint human body feel comfortable, and can be adjusted freely; In order to meet the needs of the lunch break, design also has a head pad. 3. Shape and appearance of the structure of modern office furniture modelling compared with traditional office furniture had the very big change, the overall modelling is very simple fashion, the performance of the traditional office furniture in structure is usually more complex and diverse, mainly for multifunctional aggregation, hierarchical edge design, material is solid wood, mortise and tenon joint connection, carving more hollow out of the process, the overall style looks very elegant appearance, and pay attention to the whole structure of symmetry. And modern office furniture abandoned many complex, the mechanical design, relatively speaking, the structure is relatively simple, office furniture, modern aesthetic pursuit, convenient and practical, very common in the modern office enterprise. 4. Hues from the color, the traditional office furniture appearance color is thick paint color more, generally speaking, there are such bordeaux, cherry red, black, red and yellow hue, looks noble atmosphere. The modern office furniture, white, black, yellow, red, green, almost all color have, modern office furniture to fashionable avant-courier, nimble changeful style, full consideration to the young man's nature needs. Guangzhou office furniture - — 15 years focused on whole producing custom office furniture enterprise, is committed to 'fashion simple, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, high-end atmosphere' of all series of office furniture, for enterprises to build exclusive fashion personality, contracted and modern office space. If your companies have just office furniture procurement requirements, might as well know about the office furniture, we will tailor exclusive for you free your office furniture overall solution welcome your enquiries: 400 - 028 - 1816
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