Choose the office partition table custom need to pay attention to? 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-08
Office partition table as a basic will be used in most modern enterprise, the choose and buy screen desk will bother these problems? Will not feel to furniture stores to buy back office partition table cause small space utilization, sprawling across the line, which affects work mood. If the desk coarsely, inferior products, there will be a pungent odor. If you want to change the office environment, then choose office partition table of custom is a good choice. In the office partition table when need? Small make up next to share: 1. Refused to formaldehyde, accord with environmental protection standards have a healthy body is the workplace struggle struggle of bottom spirit, inferior harm is far greater than imagined, rejected all inferior material to cut corners and use in line with the environmental standards of raw materials, refused to formaldehyde. 2. Multiple combination, form varied, highly efficient and flexible use screen hustle, a combination of extension work, with its flexible combination, perfect function, concise appearance formed its unique style, high efficient and flexible. 3. Cable, electrical worker neat and beautiful line, hidden can receive. A, in the open wire screen, one is in the ground of the earth, and there is a direct line. External neat, making appear larger internal capacity, improve office desktop space availability. 4. Can be equipped with deputy ark flexible clever deputy ark, quiet, smooth, convenient and practical. Mediocre appearance, practical internal, it is rare to find a practical office good helper. 5. Is suitable for the screen height of the aluminum alloy screen, peripheral chamfering processing, it does not hurt the hand smooth, uniform surface treatment. High density particleboard with sturdy, sound insulation glass to improve office efficiency. Select office partition table is in order to improve the work of individual attention, as far as possible let personal space without interference, should be the person is in when sitting, can easily look around, desk is not affected by the interference of external view screen and concentrate on my work. The height of the screen around 1080 or 890 more appropriate. 6. Installation is convenient, repeatable disassembling use aluminum bar card each other between each partition, convenient tear open outfit, large Angle of L yards. Office furniture for 15 years dedicated office space overall plan custom experience, factory production and sales of screen screens, office filing cabinets, panel furniture, solid wood office furniture office leisure sofa, etc. , and have professional designers and project managers come to measure design, provide differentiated solutions, for you to choose from, the same product, same material, furniture price is favorable than that of traditional furniture industry more than 30%. Provide free door-to-door installation services, 5 years warranty, clinch a deal at a time, lifelong maintenance. Service hotline; 400 - 028 - 1816
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